Let's go ! It's this way !

hi !
Here is my second submission for the contest !
In this one i tried i tried to go way out of my comfort zone so it was … painful and took me a tremendous amount of time but nice to progress in backgrounds ^^

In this one you have them walking through a forest in spring with all the flowers around them.
Lore wise it goes before my other submission which is the break they take after leaving the forest.

I didn’t use much references except for the characters (big mistake) but the style is inspired from David Revoy.
I used a lot of brushes from a lot of packs (i am a hoarder of brushes) like the new Digital Atelier, Rad’s, Deevad, Essential brush set.
(And because i found it funny here is small gif made with Krita too)

high res : https://seafile.nomagic.uk/f/4d18ed3cf3c54624a77d/