Letters Design

In the past, certain special types of letters, such as movie titles, books, product names, etc., were drawn by hand or using instruments (compass, french curve, ruler, square). After computer graphics, of course, the situation changed: usually you use a ready-made font and simply type the text…or change a letter here or there to disguise it. This is because, with deadlines that are too short, this is the shortest and easiest way.

On the other hand, a well-designed, well thought-out and unpublished typeface still has its value. Precisely because of its rarity, I believe. And, even though they are few, there are still those who like to draw letters. For these cases, I am indicating some interesting links. I begin with a French catalog of letters, for commercial use. It looks very old, I don’t know how much…maybe before 1940. An example taken from it:


I found it on this page of the French blog Agence Eureka. To find more, search for the *dessiner* label on this same blog.

Other catalogs available:

• Speedball Text Book
• La Lettre dans la Peinture et la Publicité
• Album d’Alphabets Publicitaires
• Nouvel Album de Lettres à l’usage du Peintre


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