Hi there again :slight_smile:
I was so curious how my favorite artwork of mine would look in my current art style, that I decided to draw it again. Still prefer the original in some ways, but it was a lot of fun how my skills and perception of different things changed in course of those 3 years. And I actually like both of them, just in different ways :wink:

And now the previous, more 2D version from 2016:


This is awesome. both styles are nice. I am also adding this to #featured :smile:

Thank you for featuring and kind words :wink:
Due to nostalgia I still love this old one a lot. Anyway , painting it again was a very interesting experience.

Second one my fav! :slight_smile:
Great work

I definitely like both. The new one feels softer and almost like a children’s book illustration. The original has more “Pop” to it i feel. Like a bit more energy in it’s visual. Both are great though!

@alexsabo thanks. By second you mean the new one or the old one (second in this post)

@ArtAvenue Thank you :slight_smile:
I tried to avoid those ‘in your face’ contrasty contours, though they kind of work well in the first one. Can’t judge now if this would be better with it, but I consider this just another style and like it anyway :slight_smile:

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I think they both work well, and even better together !

“more 2D version from 2016” it is more retro feeling :slight_smile:

@MangaTengu thanks a lot. I like this attitude
@alexsabo ok. Some people prefer the older version and I’m trying to understand why it’s so ‘catchy’.

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If all the people who like the old version are over 30 yo, then it’s certainly emotional. A kind of nostalgia :stuck_out_tongue: It had quite the effect on me.

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Not sure if it’s that much about the age. Hope it depends mainly on personal preferences :slight_smile:

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I also prefer the older version, it seems to have more going on. It is an interesting experiment, yet for me the original holds up.

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