Links: Tutorials and Drawing Tips

• Light and Shadow Tutorial - Containing several examples of different types of lighting, it is suitable for both designers and photographers.

• Carson Van Osten - Veteran Disney sketch artist, has developed tips for solving common drawing problems. There are seven pages in total.

• – Spanish manga and drawing website.

• Balloon Tales - Speech bubbles tutorials (comics). The site also provides fonts used in comics . Note: Not all fonts are free. Read the instructions before downloading!

• Avoiding errors in a composition.

• Large and detailed perspective study.

• Animation Blog - Contains model-sheets, scenarios, storyboards, screenshots and character sketches from vintage animation.

• Fred Ludekens - Four pages with drawing tips from this American illustrator.

• Ainessa - Two drawing tutorials.

• Manual Letters Engraving - The artist gives a sensational effect to the letters…and all manually!

• Perspective, Light and Shadow.

• Rendering a Car. Tutorial in brazilian portuguese.

• Stencil Revolution – Tutorials and Tips about Stencil art.

• Analytical Figure Drawing - Recommended for those who are starting to study anatomy: instead of going straight to the drawing of bones and muscles, the proposal here is based on simplified schemes. Too bad the blog was short-lived (it was born and died in 2011)…even so, it’s worth visiting.

• Drawing Hands - Examples of drawings of stylized hands (cartoon type) and real hands.

• How to draw Fabrics

• Drawing a space ship in perspective - Great tutorial that combines Perspective and Photoshop tips.

• Ron Lemen Lessons

• Drawing heads at various angles

• Character Designs - Blog about character and mascot designs.

• Rad Sechrist´s Blog - The author gives good tips on drawing and animation like these.

• Composition Tips.

• Drawing How to Draw - It teaches, mainly, how to draw famous characters from animes and comics and provides drawing tutorials in general. Examples: How to draw Cylinders / Composition Tips / More here!

• Drawing in IPAD.

• Iain McCaig´s Blog - Although the blog is abandoned, it has good tutorials: Drawing Hair / • Drawing Eyes / • Drawing Expressions

• Photorealistic Pencil Drawing Tutorial.

• Tumblr, in addition to images and references, provides drawing tutorials! Most of the material posted is from Deviantart. It’s still useful, as it makes it easy to find tutorials and references. How to make? Just look for the tag! See the following link:

Just put, after the “tagged/”, the word (in English) of what you want to find. For example:“reference”, “drawing”, “drawing%20tutorial”, “model%20sheets”, etc. All without the quotes, of course. The text “%20” is a tag used to separate the words, because if you separate them by spaces, in this case, it will return an error.

An example of what I found there ===>>>

• Planes of the Face - Images of a face in 3D. Good for studying the planes of the face, which makes sketching and shading easier. There are 22 images available for download!


===> News! <===

• The 21 Foundations of Animation.

• How to Draw Storyboard - A gigantic topic!

• The 19 Commandments of Color Theory - Infographic