Looking back at 2021, looking forward at 2022 across the multiverse of free/libre tools for creative professionals

Interesting article/review by Alexandre Prokoudine

"Let’s have a closer look at main events of 2021 and what’s coming for us in 2022. Obligatory disclaimer: I only talk about projects that I track more or less closely. There are many more great projects out there, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about those!..

…and P.S. that Image at the top of the article was done in Krita. :slight_smile: in case anyone doesn’t notice


Thank you for sharing this article. I learned a lot from it.

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There we go.
Inkscape actually has smart guides. I honestly think Krita could do the same.
Hope this comes in the future.


There’s an interesting note about a future facility in GIMP 3.0:
"naive linked layers (load external SVG, edit with Inkscape, see it reload in GIMP), "

I think they mean “native”?
That would be good to have in krita :slight_smile:

@novames00 Right now, some more options for the guides would be good.
e.g. set as a percentage of height or width, as typed in the Grids and Guides docker.

Nope :slight_smile: It’s “naive” as in “simplistic”.


Welcome to the forum @prokoudine :slightly_smiling_face: , I am glad to see you here.

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I think it is like the file layers in krita, And Krita supports (used to support) svg file layers. Right now it shows me blank layer, might be a bug that we should report.

@prokoudine My understanding of the situation was naive :slight_smile:


@raghukamath Do you remember what year or roughly which version that was, when you recall that it used to support it?

I don’t remember it exactly, but I do remember using it. Also @Deevad can be seen using inkscape file as file layer here in this blog post - Production report ep29, part 3: coloring and shading - David Revoy

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Bug report created:

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Wow you found out which version this got bugged. Thanks for it. I did have appimages but I was in the middle of work and I was planning to check later at home. You saved me time :+1:t3:.

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After noting the date of @Deevad’s blog post, it was a quick and easy task to start there and sample backwards and forwards in time :slight_smile:

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