Looking for an animator

Hello :wave:

I am looking for a talented animator who would be interested in a job. It would be to create perhaps a 10 minute video. Ideally it could be the start of a long term partnership (I have about 4-5 ideas I’m thinking about).

I have the concepts written & planned out, but I need help.

Important is style. The goal is a minimalist but artistic western style, similar to Samurai Jack or Nexus Studios’ ‘To Build a Fire.’ If your art style is similar to this let me know.

FYI some of the videos would have a kind of spiritual theme, like stories of the Buddha or Dante’s Inferno. But others are stories of adventurers and kings. This first animation would be one of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

In theory you should be able to manage your own time and work at your own pace, there is no rush.

I know there are questions like how many frames per second and such. There’s also more ‘single panel’ styles. Idk we can think of what might work.

I was thinking of dividing the concepts down into short, episodic videos. Each concept a self-contained ~10 minute video. But each vid emotionally impactful & meaningful.

Hypothetically if say video 1 is well received we could do (or not) a video 2, etc.

Compensation: I have never done this before so we can discuss this and figure it out. I want to be sure you’re compensated justly. (FYI I’m just a layman with a day job, not some special person.) I was thinking (beyond whatever base compensation) for each video we could include a link to your Patreon which should help you build a following. Another idea would be monetizing the video on YouTube with ads.

BTW I am a digital painter myself (you can see some of my stuff here). So you’re among friends LOL.

Feel free to PM me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Something doesn’t add up here, the artworks you linked as your own seem to be made by different artists. The first one Looks just like this photo that first made it’s rounds in 2014 but with an artistic filter on top.
The second and third one yeld different artists when I look them up. I didn’t even bother to check the fourth link at this point.

Could you perhaps explain how this is possible?

Also for the paid work category there needs to be more details on payment (How much payment or your budget for the job, currency, how payment will happen) to be allowed.

Btw: promisses of exposure by linking to the artist isn’t worth anything when you can’t prove how much reach you have.

If we do this it will definitely involve risk, but I’m seeing what people think/say. My brain teems with ideas. I do have funds — I learned yesterday a 10 min video could cost 20-40k. Tho as I mentioned I’m a layman so the need to keep it economical, try to find some Patreon funding, or use YouTube ads, would probably be involved. Also full possibility it could fail. As with most business ventures. But thought to put feelers out. Fortune favors the bold.

Re: the rest of your post. I think there’s a lot of hot air in this animator-job world so it is good you are discerning. And I am posting cold as a first time proposer so ‘who knows who I actually am.’

At the same time you’ve become overly cynical here. Probably should have posted my Instagram instead: Alexander (@alexander_lorincz18) • Instagram photos and videos Shows more stuff as opposed to the direct imgs.

All my stuff is made off of reference photos. So if you are reverse image searching I assume this is what you are picking up.

I posted those paintings to try to build rapport, though now we’ve derailed into a very off topic space. :joy:

I am moving this to volunteer work since we don’t have a clear understanding of what the payment can be. It is now a ball-park figure in unknown currency and also involves lot of speculation. So it is as good as volunteer work.

@shivaswara hope someone messages you and you get your desired collaborator.

NOTE: we do not do arbitration between the job poster and the job seeker, any dispute must be handled out of the forum. so choose your work wisely.


That makes sense thank you :partying_face:

Im interested what the project about

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