Looking to Comission portrait of DnD group; complex

Hello, I would like to Buy an Art. I’ve been recently inspired and motivated to commission an artwork of my Dungeons and Dragons group + a small set of associated NPCs; 3 - 6 characters total.

I’m looking at something 11x17, colour with dynamic poses and an environment; probably a tavern stage. Lots of energy, something fun. All non-human; you must be comfortable drawing tieflings, duergar, and seagull birdpersons at a minimum. Can provide some reference images.

Did I mention they’re all bards? So you probably should be comfortable drawing instruments too; a fochlucan bandore, a fiddle, and… some sort of drums or fantasy accordion synth or something I have to check my notes on that one.

Would asking for it before the 28th of December make it a rush job?

If you think you’ve got a portfolio that reflects this, the time to do it, and a love of $$$, let’s see if we’re a match! Hit me with your portfolio and rates or a quote and we can start from there!

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28th of December right? because it is already 29th today :slight_smile:

Is that centimeters or something weird like inches? ;3

Maybe its a good Idea to mention what your budged is for this project.
Even the cheapest artists I know would charge about 400 to 700 USD (~360 to 640 EUR) for something like this (printing and shipping not included). And most artists have higher rates.
Of course it depends on the style, level of detail and skill you are looking for.

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11"x17" is inch US Tabloid format and not same as A3 29.7x42 centimetres

Thanks for posting here, I hope some of our members will message you.