Making and testing the Android build from source?

No, according to sh_zam it was 5…

Ohh okay,

So, I got no luck with a vertical screen, because the dialog now was too wide for me to see the “ok” button -((

I am not sure if it’s ever going to be usefull for smarthphones, i think krita on android would make more sense on tablet screens. like samsung galaxy s series or something like that. I feel that a lot of krita’s workflow will be a bit difficult to be translate in small screens.

But hey for tablets it would still be pretty great to have it.


Medibang has an awesome GUI and it can be used on a smartphone. I think that if we hide everything just like Medibang does, it could be possible to even paint on smartphones.

To get a new GUI, we need someone who will code it though… Our Android guy is currently unavailable and writing a new GUI is a huge task that would be probably too big for a volunteer work anyway. Maybe next GSOC? Or we’re gonna do it after the resource rewrite.


I am unaware of this. I have never tested apps on a chromebook. I think I will start doing this from now on :slight_smile:

I am aware of this bug. It is one among few other things which Qt is weird about. I will hopefully fix it soon.


The krita project actually has a Wacom Hybrid Companion – donated by Wacom years ago. I had hoped to be able to run Krita on it, but the version of Android just isn’t supported by the minimum version of Qt Krita needs – that’s Qt 5.9. So it’s impossible :frowning:

I have tried drawing softwares on my own OnePlus, very fun experiment. Shoddy results because well, the screen is far too small, and far less precision. If I wanted to make small art, I’d use real art pencil and real paper as I can draw precisely at 600 ppi (yes, I tested).

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Hopefully, once Krita runs well enough to draw on Android a responsive interface will follow. But even without any possible future interface changes, if I can run it on my Chromebook I’d be very very happy.

Stylus support for Linux apps under Chrome OS are almost non-existent, but Android apps on Chrome OS have no issue with this.

I would really like to test it on my Galaxy Note 10+ when I have more time to look into it… So is there a guide for building Krita SDK for Android or how does it work?

hellozee’s linked one had some aspect ratio issues on my phone so couldn’t create a new document since the pop up window didn’t fit in properly.

If I am not wrong, it does work decently on Chromebooks.

You can read it from here:

As for the aspect ratio issues, it is still present.

My Chromebook is ARM-based so the standard Linux builds do not work, unfortunately. But also on Intel, the stylus only works as a pointer inside Linux apps for now with no changes in the horizon. Meanwhile, Android apps are fine with the stylus.

So have you checked the Android version of Krita whether if can run on your system? The link to one of the builds is somewhere in this conversation.

We want to release 4.2.9 with this experimental Android version :slight_smile:

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I tested that build on a few of my phones (runs, but the New dialog getting cut off doesn’t let me do much:), but not on my Chromebook.

Chromebooks had to be switched to dev mode to install APKs, which is an astonishing amount of hassle :expressionless: Instead, I’ve been waiting for ChromeOS 80 which lets us do so much more easily. It should land this month, and Krita is the first thing I’ll test!

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We’ll want to release Krita 4.2.9 on fdroid, not sure if that helps your case somehow? (I have no idea what a create Chromebook is, I’ve never even seen one, I just know it’s some kind of a hybrid of everything :wink: )


Can’t wait!

Unfortunately, FDroid itself has to be installed and install any further apps on it “manually” as far as a Chromebook is concerned.

My Chromebook is a lovely little 10" tablet with built in Wacom EMR support which can run Android apps (and as such fit the tablet environment) and a “full” desktop browser, which is exactly what I wanted. But Google being Google, Android app support, while robust, is kinda gated behind the Play Store, which is the only way to install Android apps on ChromeOS without dev mode right now.

That changes with 80, but I’d still have to install the Krita APK directly myself.

Hearing that Krita is coming to F-Droid just rekindled my excitement, oh man! @tiar do you know how soon that could happen?

To chime back in with an update since it’s been a while, I’ve got a few drawing tablets for various reasons:

Wacom Cintiq companion Hybrid- Will likely never run Krita on its own, because Wacom is a less-than-supportive company.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3- as of right now, this is the only Android device I have that will run Krita for Android, but it’s still running the original build from sh-zam that was posted earlier in this thread. Downloading the latest unsigned Nightly APK takes a long time, spends just as long “staging app”, then fails to install.

Acer Chromebook Spin 11- This one is having the worst luck of them all. I have Krita (Linux) installed through Steam, and the canvas flickers unusably every frame I try to draw on the canvas. Krita (Android) just won’t install, it is having the same issue as the Tab S3 above with the nightly build of Krita. Linux for ChromeOS is yet still in beta, and Krita for Android is still in an Alpha kind of state, so unless I see a request for me to start posting bug reports somewhere, I think I’ll let this one keep waiting.


Most likely with our next release which would 4.2.9, Krita would appear in F-Droid. And fir reporting bugs you can use our current bug tracker, just make sure that you select you Operating System as Android, :upside_down_face:

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A belated report: I managed to install Sharaf’s build shared by hellozee on my ARM64 ChromeOS tablet and ran it just fine! Nothing crashed or errored out during my testing. :raised_hands:

The only issue I noticed was that stylus tilt does not work (which other Android painting apps on the tablet can work with), but pressure does. I’m not sure if tilt is supposed to work on this build on not.

And, of course, that the app is pretty sluggish, but part of that is because my tablet (Asus CT100P) is a bit on the weaker side.