Mascot and illustrations for PixelDroid, a free and open source Pixelfed client


I’m working on PixelDroid, a free and open source Pixelfed client, and we got some funding through NLnet from a program of the EU, including some for design and illustrations.

We would need someone to draw a red panda with a phone or something like that (like you can see on GitHub - pixelfed/brand-assets: Pixelfed Brand Assets, the Pixelfed mascot is a red panda), in various situations and/or predicaments.

So, we need:

  • Some red pandas in distress to indicate en error (3 or 4 variations I would say: network error, client error, server error and one for when there is nothing to show). These would be shown in the app so about 1/2 of the size of a phone screen (a bit in the same vein as Error artwork by charlag · Pull Request #1000 · tuskyapp/Tusky · GitHub).

  • One “mascot” type illustration with a red panda holding a phone and indicating some relation to Pixelfed (color scheme or logo integrated somehow).

  • A happy panda to indicate a successful action, maybe showing a thumbs up (smaller scale than other drawings).

  • an icon for the app

We probably want different persons to work on the icon and the rest (I know those are different skillsets).

This is paid work, and I want to pay you fairly but I don’t know what is fair so I guess we will discuss it. The funding should be able to cover a fair compensation though.

Have a nice day,


I don’t use Krita for vector works so I might be totally wrong but oh well :slight_smile: :
Looking at the repo I couldn’t visualize files like app/src/main/res/drawable/elephant_error.xml (contains a <vector> root with no dtd or schema attached). Krita inputs SVG and doesn’t output SVG nor XML.
Edit: the author posted a (lovely) screenshot (certainly not up to date but… oh well again :slight_smile: )

So unless you want to sketch and paint ideas to find what you want to vectorize, I wonder if you will find what you want here.
To have an xml-like output I would happily think of Inkscape?
Do you have a color theme already for that red panda or does it need to be designed? So many reds and combinations out there :smiley:

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is there anything particular your looking for icons? style wise there so many options you can go for, because out of the open art style can mean anything, are you going for minimalist? cute?
the question I’m trying to ask, what art style you want to represent your brand?

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I’ve made two attempts but I can’t get any ‘error’ images from that second link.
Maybe you could package them up in a .zip file and provide a link to your google drive or dropbox account?

Krita will output .svg with Layer → Import/Export → Save Vector Layer as SVG.


Examples of the error images in Tusky:

or image.

If I can get an .svg I can convert it to the Android xml format, so it should be alright format wise :slight_smile:

I don’t know, the panda should have accent colors of Pixelfed (so the rainbow swirl), don’t have further ideas yet ^^

I think maybe a flat style, a red panda head, with somehow the pixelfed colors worked into it or around it? Either minimalist or cute, maybe more cute?

(Actually I realise I might be contradicting myself here. I’ll think about it a bit)

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While you’re making a specification for artwork, you may hear the sound of angels running away :slight_smile:

Haha I wouldn’t mind just giving loose directions and letting the artist be creative honestly :laughing:

just make a pin/mood broad/file it usually contain lot of refences/ideas of all the art/art style you want for the icon.
Many artist use that as a guide for style when the client want something unique but can’t put what they want in words, so they use file that contains refences/images as examples of what they want.

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