Maybe make the color generator a built in tool

I was scrolling through this thread and really like how the radon pack clone brushes can created mix colors.
I feel like this technique deserves more visibility/intergration. I picture having it as a tool almost like the reference picture tool.
You could create like a zone for color picking. When this zone a color generator brush tag drop down menu could be click to select from these brush to draw in the small zone.

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There has already been a thread about implementing a feature to load multiple colors at the same time in a brush by combining the colorsmudge and clone brush engine :smiley: One of the developers are already interested in possibly developing this feature in the future


That does sound cool.

I was thinking one approach could be to record a stroke first and then the path it took could be merged/overlapped with the picker area. Then make a second stroke in the same area except his time you apply this new animated picker.

I don’t mind making two strokes each time.