"Me in Danger" Challenge

Hello Artists,
I suppose we all like challenges, don’t we?
This February, I attended the “Scratch Art Camp” where we are given dailies and weekendlies to do. They are mostly challenges. An an example of a daily would be

Do you like jellyfish? maybe a seahorse, or what about an octopus? Draw your favourite sea-creature, real or mythical. Proof is required of a coloured doodle. +450 points

Weekendlies were more complex and required collaboration (usually),
and so I came across a part in the weekendly, where we had our very first art crawl (if you don’t know what an art crawl is then it’s the art version of word crawl), we had to draw ourselves in danger.

So now you have to draw yourself in danger
I got a few examples on how you interpret it, it’s your choice!

Me : I did this one

My friend

A Random artist

(I have their permission to use them here)