Member card for a Scifi club

Hi, here a quick illustration for the 2021 membership card of my scifi group.
Hope you like it, take care.


how quick? i am interested to see Wips and to know more about the workflow if possible.

Hi Ramon, generaly for this kind of render it take one hour or two maximum, I etablish the composition with simple tools, like a brush with no opacity or the Shapes Fill tool, with three or four gray.
With the gradient tool i made the volume, i keep all elements on separate layers to modify or reajuste.
Sometime the final stage is the same as the first, not for this one ^^
I’ve changed the background at the last minute, just before sending the file …


Interesting to see the work flow. I am getting more and more interest in concept art related things and I am gathering all kind of info :blush: thanks a lot


nice! thanks for sharing the workflow! :smiley:

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This looks very good. I find your rendering of the ship interesting - were it me, I’d have pushed the reflection highlights hard, which, while probably more realistic, would get me in trouble with the silhouette blending into the background.

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Brooo, I freaking love this.

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Awesome ! There is modern drawing here, good job :slight_smile:

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Great work !

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That looks really impressive to me

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How fast can this thing fly though?