Merge a layer on a layer with transparency masks


This is a double topic…

  • I would love to have the capability to paste directly on the current layer, without having to paste first, then merge the created layer on the one below. It is faster and that’s a frequently used manipulation.
  • And (related) I would like to be able to merge a layer on a layer with transparency mask(s) without flattening it.

Currently, I do this by moving the TM to another layer, merging, then reattaching the TM to the original layer.
Today, I have a layer with four TMs (playing with layers visibility), and it is a chore…
Maybe this kind of trick (moving the TM elsewhere, merging, restoring the TM) can be done if there is a technical issue to do this directly?

For the first part, this has been discussed in a previous topic and you’re not the only one who’s keen to have this:

For your second part, there may be some people who’d want the result to be as it is because it gives a result that is visually the same as before the merge. Once you start exploring it with all possibilities then it gets complicated.
Also, if the current behaviour was changed, there would be many people who’d got used to it and would then be confused and annoyed.

The duplicate feature, I can understand some technical issues with it.
The paste within layer seems more trivial, as it is basically just a combination of two operations (Ctrl+V, Ctrl+E), with caveats like the one mentioned.

For the argument “people with be disturbed in their habits”, it happens all the time when introducing a new feature, or changing an existing one to improve it. And if they want to flatten a layer after a merge, it is easy to do it afterward.
If current behavior must be preserved, the feature can appear as paste or merge option (there are already several paste operations), like Paste and merge, or Merge (preserve masks), for example.

Then start a separate topic where you propose that as a changed/additional feature.

I agree that Krita really could do with such a merge function that doesn’t flattening the whole thing, I definitely need it more often than once in a blue moon.

Currently you basically you need a temporary group layer, transfer all masks and layer attributes to keep to it, then merge stuff with the now “naked” target layer, move all the masks and attribute back and finally drop the temporary group.

That’s A LOT of manual steps just to get something merged into the target layer if you can’t (like paste) or simply don’t wanto to do it directly on that layer.

Then start a separate topic where you propose that as a changed/additional feature.

Well, I created this topic precisely for that… I don’t see a point in making a new one, unless I missed some protocol (tagging, subject prefix) or I posted in the wrong place.

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