Feature Request: Duplicate selected (in the same layer)

Good day! First of all, thanks to all developers of such a wonderful program. I love Krita!
Photoshop always felt slow, heavy and inconvenient in many details, imho, Krita is much better.

But Krita lacks one simple feature: duplicate selected (in the same layer) or simply - paste in the same layer.
Consider a workflow for painting tiles. You duplicate tiles a lot (in the same layer), adding variations to them.

Currently user has to do many steps:

1.) Ctrl+R - activate tool “select rectangle” (for example)
2.) select area
3 and 4.) copy/paste selected (currently Krita pastes only to a new layer). [Two clicks: Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V or one click: Ctrl+Alt+J]
5.) T or Ctrl+T - activate tool “move” or “transform” (happens automatically by Krita settings: “activate transform tool after pasting”]
6.) drag selection to new position
7.) Ctrl+E - merge with previous layer

So, 5-7 actions required.
In Photoshop user can just ctrl-alt-click on any area (island of pixels) (without even selecting it) - and drag it.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards.


Not sure what is your usecase but consider using the Clone Brush, it might help. There is one included by default, but it’s quite important to look in the options (F5) to make it work exactly like you want.

I was also looking for the same function but no one responded, perhaps because of the communication problem caused by Google Translate.
Use a lasso with the quick copy function to be more precise, without deliberate control like a clone brush.
Maybe we can add a “retain the original image” function to the movement and deformation tools, if we can add “repeat the last deformation operation”, it would be better

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I would also like to have this on krita. I usually duplicate many ‘pieces’ of drawing and painting on the same layer (as you mentioned in PS.).
The clone brush seems to be a good alternative, I never used it. However, it is a different dynamic. Even if it can bring the ‘same result’. But in PS. I also never used the clone brush to do the ‘duplications’.

Sorry to mention the name of another program. (which I have actually used very little).

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i would have been tempted to propose a shortcut variant to indicate same layer or new layer like ctrl + shift + v

on mac for example if you make cmd + v you copy, but if you make cmd + alt + v you cut. The advantage of it is you don’t have to ask yourself if you want to cut or copy when you take the source file and then when you go to the target folder you can decide.

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+1 to this. i havent used the animation feature very often but the time i did was a nightmare when i tried to wrangle layers when pasting makes a whole new one.


Yeah, when it comes to animation it could be nice to be able to cut something from one frame and paste it into another. Right now I don’t think that’s possible, since pasting creates a new layer.


I would be very interested in this too.

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This is how Alt + Ctrl works with Photoshop duplicating (Photoshop 2020). It creates a new layer when you use that Ctrl + Alt shortcut. Even looking through the forums, this isn’t something Photoshop offers without extra steps to get that result - which is the same as Krita.

Even programs like CSP do not have a way to do this.

The problem has to do with movement. Once the content is duplicated on the same layer, any movement or transformation would affect all instances, not just the small part that was copied.
I am sure this is why it is done that way in all programs. There is probably a way to be more intelligent about it, but it would need some thought.

Hey @scottyp, It has been quiet a few years since I used photoshop, but I think you can replicate the desired behaviour when you have a selection active. I think if there is a selection active and then you activate move tool. Then do a drag operation while holding alt key it will place the copy of the content inside the selection in the same layer. This is just me remembering things, it may have been changed now in photoshop


@raghukamath - Ahh you are right. You have to do a selection first with what you want to copy, then the Ctrl + Alt shortcut copy/pastes it on the same layer. You seem to know more than some of the Adobe forum posts . :slight_smile:

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Exactly, and it works like this since the older versions of PS.

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I would love to see this in Krita, it’s in my top 3 wishes for the program!
I feel this request is getting more and more asked for, but with different titles, like this one for instance:

It is such a time saver in the applications that have it, and it is the feature I most often miss.
I think a lot of people want this, and I hope to see this in Krita some day! :grin:


Greetings everyone. I hope y’all amazing people are doing well.
I’m writing this topic to discuss about a feature request to help artists using workflow that imply texturing a surface mostly, but with repeating patterns.
So what is it about ?
The feature is nothing but an advanced selection technique
The thing is, instead of having to press CTRL+ALT+J or first CTRL + C and then CTRL+V, we would with simply hold down CTRL after the selection perimeter is done, then click and drag while holding CTRL to stamp the selected content and drop it anywhere on the same layer. The operation could be recursive everytime we press again the CTRL key a new time. In my mind, doing this three times will result in three copies of raster data on the same layer in the same place or at different places, depending on how the user dispose them.

Here’s a summary of the Use cases :

This feedback goes into the wishlist and suggests that the content of a layer becomes duplicable by holding CTRL/ALT as you drag.

Using the Transform/Move tool, below are the possible operations.

CASE 1 - No area selected:
A duplication of the whole content of the current layer or the selected layers is dragged and on operation commit, dropped in a copy or copies of the selected layer(s).

CASE 2 - One or multiple area(s) selected(current layer only):
The content in the selection area(s) is/are duplicated as you drag. Once dropped, you can still move it/them on the canvas without destroying the pixels initially marked on the current layer and the selection shape is still maintained. However, holding CTRL/ALT a new time will commit the content on the layer’s pixels before you drag another copy of it again.

How will that be useful ? It will allow to quickly copy and paste the contained pixels in your selection multiple times on the same layer and is handy for a faster workflow.

Notice : It would be possible to use the Shift Modifier key to move selected content horizontally verticall or diagonally.


Welcome to the forum!
Great feature request! Well written and great reasoning! I too would love for this to be implemented!
I have a personal OneNote document with a bunch of features I wish Krita had, and from time to time I write Feature Requests (Trying my best not to spam them all at once). This feature is actually the one on top of my list! :grin:

This is the feature I miss the most from my previous painting application (Photoshop). Krita is my absolute favorite drawing program, but from time to time I miss this feature.
This is my #1 feature wish, and I am glad to see another person that also wants it! :blush:

Personally I mostly used this feature for design work and mockups and such, but I also find it useful for concepting characters for instance, if I draw one element of a creature, I could for instance use “Alt” to quickly duplicate and drag it around! It is such a timesaver! There are so many use cases for this!


Since we have a request about same functionality I think we merge the threads. I am merging this one to the new thread since it has more activity.


Oh yes it would be fantastic to have this feature :slight_smile: pleeeeaaaaaase


One more reason, why this feature is important.
Consider you have layer #1 with custom opacity and blending mode.
When you copy-paste selected pixels and new layer #2 is created, it has default opacity and blending mode.
So you have to do even more steps: set same properties to the layer #2. And only after that merge #1 and #2.
Also because of this: pasted content in layer #2 doesn’t look like a copy anymore. It complicates artistic decision making.

If Krita will allow to copy-paste in the same layer, pasted contents will obviously have same properties and look as the copied source.


Again a note to everybody who is referencing this feature from Photoshop. Photoshop pastes into the same layer only when there is a selection active combined with the use of move tool (drag the selected content while holding Alt ), rest of the time it makes a new layer just like Krita does. The user is able to move and transform the pasted content as long as the selection is active. Once the selection is gone, the pasted content is merged with the rest of the layer.

In Krita the move tool has precision mode enabled while pressing Alt. So the Alt drag shortcut can be substituted with Ctrl drag in Krita. Ctrl drag is also used to duplicate the layers, so it is consistent with that action.

I didn’t know about the alt shortcut, I knew about the ctrl + alt + drag that duplicates the whole layer.
About copying and cutting, in PS, I select anything, right click and select layer via copy or layer via cut to have selection in the same exact position in a new layer.
It looks handy, but I hate it. Krita is way more intuitive, all it needs is one extra shortcut to tell it “in the same layer this time”.

Btw maybe the move tool should be operable in non precise way like the transform tool allows to. cf this thread The move tool very lag.why?

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