Feature disussion : selection duplicate/stamp with modifier key

Greetings everyone. I hope y’all amazing people are doing well.
I’m writing this topic to discuss about a feature request to help artists using workflow that imply texturing a surface mostly, but with repeating patterns.
So what is it about ?
The feature is nothing but an advanced selection technique
The thing is, instead of having to press CTRL+ALT+J or first CTRL + C and then CTRL+V, we would with simply hold down CTRL after the selection perimeter is done, then click and drag while holding CTRL to stamp the selected content and drop it anywhere on the same layer. The operation could be recursive everytime we press again the CTRL key a new time. In my mind, doing this three times will result in three copies of raster data on the same layer in the same place or at different places, depending on how the user dispose them.

Here’s a summary of the Use cases :

This feedback goes into the wishlist and suggests that the content of a layer becomes duplicable by holding CTRL/ALT as you drag.

Using the Transform/Move tool, below are the possible operations.

CASE 1 - No area selected:
A duplication of the whole content of the current layer or the selected layers is dragged and on operation commit, dropped in a copy or copies of the selected layer(s).

CASE 2 - One or multiple area(s) selected(current layer only):
The content in the selection area(s) is/are duplicated as you drag. Once dropped, you can still move it/them on the canvas without destroying the pixels initially marked on the current layer and the selection shape is still maintained. However, holding CTRL/ALT a new time will commit the content on the layer’s pixels before you drag another copy of it again.

How will that be useful ? It will allow to quickly copy and paste the contained pixels in your selection multiple times on the same layer and is handy for a faster workflow.

Notice : It would be possible to use the Shift Modifier key to move selected content horizontally verticall or diagonally.


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