Feature Request: Duplicate selected (in the same layer)

In Krita, (like in PS) it is a shortcut ctrl+j which duplicate the selected layer in the same position. This is how I use right now in Krita. :slight_smile:

the wish is to duplicate a selection, not a whole layer and to duplicate in place (in the same layer) :stuck_out_tongue:


I missed this post. Really interesting proposal. The good thing about this is when we talk about concept art where lot of detail is achieved creating copies and play with selections. I would like to test it in future if possible.
I save this thread to be analyzed. :blush:


Interested in this :slight_smile:


I adhere with this. It’s one of the very first things I tried doing in Krita. At first I loved it, but once I noticed how it manages copying and pasting I was so shocked that I might go back to PS immediately.

Select part of an image - Alt+Click and drag to create a copy - within the same layer

The fact copying and pasting works by creating a new layer all the time is just eye opening.

Thanks for all the work guys as the software has some amazing options that are very time consuming in PS. I really think the whole Adobe Suite is outdated in their ux, severely, and guys like you can create much more adapted alternatives that can challenge monopolistic giants.


I’d like to be able to paste anything in my clipboard into the selected layer and not to a new layer. Same goes for pasting it into the selected frame. Maybe this could simply be done with an alternate shortcut? Like Ctrl+Shift+V?


in animation it’s possible to copy one frame into clipboard doing right button over the frame>copy to clipboard and paste it in another frame but same layer by right button over the other frame and paste from clipboard. I’ve assigned space+c and space+v as shortcut in preferences.

I know but what I meant was more like combining parts of one frame with another, or even pasting part of a drawing inside the same frame, or in the same layer, or another layer but without creating a new layer automatically. I don’t think it’s possible to copy an arm of a character for example and paste it in the same layer or in the same frame. It’ll always make a new layer. And yes, you can paste a frame in the same layer, but only the whole drawing in that frame, so it’ll replace anything that’s already there. There’s no easy way of combining things in the same layer or frame.

Considering that we can move content around using Move Tool when there is a selection active and it doesn’t destroy the content below the content that is being moved (so it works essentially as if it was on its own layer), and the same can be said about the transform tool, I believe there might be a technical way to do it. I’m not exactly sure how, but maybe there is.

However then we probably would need to choose either Move Tool or Transform Tool, since the image would have to be imported directly into their “working space” or something. And after applying it’s kind of “merged”.