Merging layers into a separate layer

Is there a way to merge a few layers together into a separate layer while still maintaining the original individual layers. I thought I have seen this in a video but not sure it is Krita or some other software.


Is it this? Hope it helps

Hi thanks for this. I am not sure. Basically my question was whether we can merge a few layers into one layer at the same time create the merged layer separately while still maintaining those original individual layer as is.

From your decription of what you want to do, the suggestion by @ramskulls is exactly what you need.

You can also do New Layer From Visible by right-clicking any layer in the Layers docker and clicking New Layer From Visible in the resulting options list.

It’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ operation. You just turn off the visibility of those layers that you don’t want, leaving just those that you do want as visible. Then the newly created layer will effectively be the merged result of the layers that you left set to visible, but no other layers will be affected.

I suggest that you try it with a simple multi-layer test image.

Edit:Add: I’ve just remembered, 4.4.0 and 4.4.1 have a bug where if you turn off the visibility of the top layer in the Layers docker, the New Layer From Visible action does not work. You’d need to make sure the top layer is visible, possibly by putting an empty paint layer there.
That bug has now been fixed and the fix will be available very soon in the nightly Stable/Plus build.

Or you can duplicate the selected layers and then merge them

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Thank you for the tip. Will you be bringing the update feature from within krita instead of us downloading a new version and installing manually? When I manually update, will all my brush stay intact?

Thanks Raghu, I was also thinking about it. I have a question though about fikr size of we do so which I will post it separately in a new thread.

Krita doesn’t have the ability to update itself. You have to download and install/use a new version. This is a minor chore.

I won’t be doing anything because it’s the developer clan who fix bugs and build new/updated versions. I just sit back and wait for them to do stuff :slight_smile:

The New Layer From Visible bug fix (as fixed by @tiar ) should be in the Plus/Stable build in today’s update which will be completed in about two hours from now for Windows builds and about four hours from now for Linux appimage builds.

If you use/install a new version, it will not affect your personal settings, configuration or resources in any way. You might get some new stuff though, as happened when the Watercolour brushes were added and soon the MyPaint brushes will be added.

Actually I forgot to backport it (put in Krita Plus) :slight_smile: But I did it just now so I hope the today’s builds will have the fix. But it was only when the top layer was invisible, so not a problem in most cases - in most cases this function should work just fine even in the current release. Only if you do get issues (like nothing is happening), @sany, then you can wait for some time and download Krita Plus from the website.

However I feel like possbily @sany is looking for a “New Layer from Visible… but only for the selected layers”; like duplicate + merge but in one action. I was thinking of adding this function, actually. Maybe someone could report it as a wish with wishlist Importance on .

This sounds like a job for @sany :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tiar Tiar and @AhabGreybeard I will add this in the wishlist and also for the update feature about a prompt that may say ‘a new version is available’. Since I am new, I am not sure why update button is not integrated there must’ve been a reason to keep it this way!
@tiar what is Krita Plus…I have krita 4.4 , which version is this. Is the plus version a new addition?

You can get it from the download page: krita plus contains the bugfixes that will land in 4.4.2, while krita next contains not fully stable features that will be in 5.0.0.

It is already there. If you hjave an outdated version, it should show up on the Welcome Screen. With a button that lets you go to the Krita website and download a new version.

you can try this: ctrl + shift + c
You can use selection and copy a specific area as you see it. Just like “new from visible”.
No need to duplicate or merge layers.
I don’t know if it has a specific name, but I’ll call it "‘copy plus’ :slight_smile:

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That seems to give you the News feed, which does contain new release news items (and other news) but not a specific statement that the version you’re using is an ‘old’ version.
That may be just me and my system and my using appimages.

That one is called ‘Copy Merged’.
It’s like I always say, there are usually at least three different ways of doing something :slight_smile:

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That’s a very nice feature I didn’t know about - so thanks for posting this. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a difference to ‘new from visible’ though: when selecting all and copy merged, it does not copy anything outside the canvas borders. So that’s something to keep in mind, if you want to adjust the canvas size later.