MIDI CC to control Krita

OK I use DAW to make music…now I like to make short animation for my music…
I have Korg NanoKONTROL2 Slim-Line USB MIDI Controller, 8 Faders, 24 Switches, 8 Knobs that is great to control software synthesizer, DAW and many other things…If I can use MIDI CC to control Krita that also really nice.

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What do you mean exactly?
Which part of Krita you want to control through a MIDI device? :thinking:

Note, on Mac/Windows you can use Midi2Key that allows to convert MIDI command to keyboard event…
Maybe it will help you.


I like to assign faders to control shade of color, switch to undo and such…just add control surface to the program for easy control. Hope I can define range of control value and such just like DAW.
Well I am still new to Krita so kinda hard to pinpoint what I would like to control with MIDI CC but having nice fader, switch, and other control…I really like to utilize it to make things easy.

I guess it would be easier to just use a keyboard and Krita’s shortcuts to control Krita instead of using a peripheral that is meant to control audio and playback devices. I doubt you find any developer who wants to program an interface for an audio control device directly into a painting application. However maybe there is a third party application that allows you to map the inputs of your device to regular keyboard key presses so you can just use the keyboard shortcuts of Krita. On Linux programs like xdotool or xbindkeys could do the trick. I used them to map inputs of a remote to regular keyboard shortcuts so it can be used with Krita (or basically any software} that way.

Well MIDI controller is just that control MIDI…not only for the music for sure! Basically just potentiometers and switches… so by combined with cheap pen tablet for example, add additional control surface at low price point… My idea is that assign particular range of value to fader (let say transparency range 50 to 80 that I usually use) so without even touch the keyboard I can fiddle fader by one hand…
Or moving through animation frame up & down by fader…while pen or mouse on the other hand ready for next action!

Still a fringe use case for a painting application and an uncommon device for digital artist. Additionally Krita has no specific code for pretty much any device, be it tablet or anything, it just processes signals provided by the operating system. When your OS has no way to turn your device signals into something Krita can use then there is just no way to get it work with it. But Krita has shortcuts for changing transparency and things so when you have a driver or any programs that can translate your device signals into regular key commands it can be done, like I did it to use a remote with Krita and I have seen people using gamepads like an XBox or Switch controller too.

So you just find a program for you device that can do such a mapping but you will never find something like that in Krita itself because it just doesn’t make sense.

Oooh exciting, someone else’s thinking about this stuff too!
I was toying with the idea of MIDI controlled painting last year. Turns out Gimp does this! Its really hard to configure unfortunately. So instead I made some kind of separate little prototype app (not really connected to krita at all). I could share that if I find it. I also tested using a ps3 controller and using the joystick and tilt sensor that to modify each “dab” of brushstrokes, but a joystick is a bit too quick/small, I guess thumbs on joysticks are not as precise as one might think at first.
Maybe using a smartphone connected via Bluetooth putting that nice big touchscreen to good creative use, but that gets too hard for me to wrap my head around to actually make myself. A dirty alternative to this phone app idea could be to use some VNC (Teamviewer for example) and scale up the Krita docks to full screen on a second monitor or something.

Now it would be interesting to hook into the Krita “library” and just sort of feed in the input that way, if someone figured out how to do that it should be possible to use the same tool to map the MIDI controller to other software as well like mypaint/inkscape/blender/azpainter/enve etc etc

If you figure something out please post that, I love this stuff.