Mirror Fix - Correct Symmetry Errors

This is a simple quick fix to asymmetries due to localized edits and validate again the use of the Mirror Tools.

How to use:

  • Make a “selection” or “none” on the Canvas.
  • Select Mirror Axis Orientation (Left, Right, Up, Down) for the Original Side. Direction of Left and Right is Horizontal, while Up and Down is Vertical.
  • Press Mirror to reflect the “selection” to the other side considering the Direction.


  • If there is “no selection” made it will create a selection of one half and mirror it to the other side
  • If the selection has transparencies it will overlap with it


  • The script expects that the image has the mirror tool at the center of the image, considering the mirror direction context. So it centers it each time you run it.



Demo Use:


Updated the UI and simplicity of use.

Changed the name of the plugin too because after seeing it again it did not seem right for what it does. When I started I had a bunch of options in mind but after a while I compacted everything to a single button, so “fix” sounds better.

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It’s fun and easy to use - thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, I was just suggesting this plugin to a person on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/krita/comments/gods1k/how_do_you_mirror_uneven_images/ and I noticed you have no direct link to .zip file (which is, I believe, https://github.com/EyeOdin/mirror_fix/archive/master.zip) and no simple instruction how to load it (Tools -> Scripts -> Import Python Plugin should work, right?), if it was added, it would probably be simpler for newcommers to import and use it :slight_smile:

I did not know that was even possible to do. I only use the clone button.

Yes it does.
I will edit the instructions folder to have that too.

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