Modifiers stop working after some time (+ how to make Krita remember the brush size)

1.How to make the software remember the brush size so that the next time you open the software, it will still be the same size as the last brush size
2.Every time you put the software in the background and open it after a period of time, all the shortcut keys (Ctrl, Shift, space) will be invalid, and even the mouse wheel key cannot scale the image

The second problem kept me from using the software for a long time. Every time I switched to Chrome and tried to go back to Krita, I found I couldn’t drag, scale or rotate the canvas.

I would appreciate it if someone could answer my questions

Windows10 19041.329
Krita 4.3.0

Ad 1. I’m not sure it can be done right now - size of a brush is a part of a brush preset. The idea is that you can make tweaks in a brush, close the software, and have your brushes untouched. Only when you are happy with the change, you save it as a new brush preset to keep it after restart.
I believe you have the “temporarily save brush preset” turned on, so that you can switch between brushes and keep the change in size - it resets only when you reopen a program?

I know the brush size can be saved when I switch the brush, but I want the brush size to be saved when it’s off, so I can inherit the design the next time I open it.

I want to fix the problem of run-time shortcut failure.

Then I guess the only way to do it now is to go to brush editor and press “overwrite brush preset” for each one you want to save.

I can’t help with the second issue - I don’t use the windows version, and haven’t encountered this problem.

This person seems to have the same problem as me

By the way, in my tests, Ctrl+Z worked, and the only things that didn’t work were probably rotation, scaling, and dragging

The same is true for this example

Is this a bug, or is it just a setting error?
Has anyone reported this bug?


Here: “Modifiers stop working after opening a particular PSD file”

and here: “Modifier shortcut keys stop working”

Can you please tell if you open .psd files recently? I have no idea how it could be relevant except that Krita has PS-compatible shortcut scheme that works differently with modifiers, but…

This bug is really weird so it’s crucial to get information before it can be fixed. For anyone here having this issue:
@jonathanbecker @Pablo_Assis @KimigaiiWuyi

  • could you please check the portable version of Krita 4.2.9? (Unzip, double-click on krita). Does it work better (as in, not have this issue)?
  • do you open PSD files frequently?
  • do you use the default shortcut scheme or Photoshop-compatible one? Both in Keyboard Shortcuts and Canvas Input Settings.
  • which Windows Update do you have? (I’m not sure how to check it myself). Is your PC completely updated and when was the last update?

1.This does not occur in 4.2.9
2.I haven’t open the .PSD recently,But I open the .AEP, .prproj recently.
3.I don’t use .PSD very often
4.I use default shortcut
5.And it resets all the Settings and it still does
6.Win10 2004 (19041.329)
7.Not all shortcuts does not work,CTRL + Z works properly
8.The ones that seem to be affected are Ctrl+space, Space, Shift +space, middle mouse button

Another person with the same issue… :frowning: