Monthly Art Contest - December 2021 - Topic - “Military officers” - contest is closed

Great entries. Congratulations @Deevad!

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Congratulations @Deevad and @Grum999. @Deevad please choose the topic for this month :slight_smile:

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Who were the 3% that voted my drawing? Well I’d like to thank them.
That aside, congrats @Deevad !


Congrats @Deevad :smiley: :partying_face:
… Also thanks for posting your entry on your Instagram and drawing attention to the challenge =)

It was fun participating, thank you to all - and a happy new year :tada: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :hugs:

Since @deevad may be busy and not yet responded. I would urge @Grum999 too to keep a topic ready. We can wait for 1 or 2 days more for deevad.

We can, we can’t ? :thinking:

I’ve something ready if needed (not sausages :sweat_smile:)


We can wait :slight_smile:

Hey! thank you all for the votes! (and happy new year:!)
:1st_place_medal: wohoo! Capitain BunBun collected another medal. :wink:

Sorry for being late, I was traveling to visit my family for the holidays and forgot my login/pass on the phone.
Now I’m back. My prompt for January 2022 is : :drum: … … The Big Tree


Can you post the artwork in separate topic in #artwork:finished-artworks so that I can feature it :slight_smile:

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