Monthly Art Contest - July 2022 - WIPs and discussions

Use this thread to discuss your artwork for the July 2022 art contest. Share your work in progress artwork, discuss things about the contest or give critique to other artists in this thread.

The place to share final artwork is in the Art contest thread here - Monthly Art Contest - July 2022 - Topic - Make It Cute. This thread is only for discussions

Hi first time poster. Have never drawn with a computer before so absolute beginner… really appreciating the you tube videos and all the helpful instructions on the krita sites :slight_smile:
I am hoping to finish. I have tried the last two months to get a piece up but young kids and work got in the way. I iguess we will see how this turns out.


I misread the “Make It Cute” prompt and thought I could do an animal. I knew it was no characters allowed, but I didn’t realize it was items only. I’m dumping this image here then to simply share… I’m not turning it in the finals thread.

@Josie_Miller I know the feeling of constantly lacking time. I wish I have all the time to pursue all my personal projects.


It’s still an amazing piece!

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Your painting is pretty good
If you don’t want to post it for contest, just create a dedicated post in #artwork:finished-artworks :slight_smile:



When I read the prompt, for whatever reason I imagined cute swords. I finally got around to doodling and ended up with a rose-themed blade, not sure if it’s cute. (Sketch)


Original and casual. Perhaps the light should be dimmed a bit but the light always goes hand in hand and in a personal style so it is just an observation of a great job

Hi : )

Animals are not objects, indeed, but I think it’s acceptable as long as the animal is not basically cute.
For example, a kitten would not be acceptable.

As for the turtle, well… I don’t know ^^
All I know is that your painting is very well done, I would be for leaving it up and letting people decide if it’s out of theme or not when voting.

Is that ok with you?

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Yes sir. it’s ok with me. Thank you guys for the support.

@freyalupen Great idea chief. If you do a google for “baroque swords,” you will get great examples of engraved swords that have the same theme as yours.

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I failed to double-check the deadline and therefore missed it, but here’s the more-or-less finished version of my piece.

It’s still a bit of a messy sketch, I’m not skilled at drawing in a “clean/polished/finished” sort of way.

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Is it still possible to post something for the contest? I apologize I’m still quite new and thought it was open until the end of the month :frowning:

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There is some hours left so yes please submit your entry

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