Monthly Drawing Challenge - December 2019

Welcome to the Monthly Drawing Challenge of December 2019!

This challenge is the continuation of the challenges back at the KDE forum.
Since the last challenge there didn’t have any participants, the same topic is used for this one, chosen by victus_maestro, the winner of the last challenge.
You can find the results of that challenge here: last challenge.

The topic for this month is:

:black_circle: inversion :white_circle:

As always, you can use the hashtag #kritachallenge on social media to talk about this challenge!

Good luck, have fun!

How the challenge works

There is a new topic every month, which is chosen by the winner of the last challenge.
Every drawing should be somehow related to the current topic.

You can submit your image until the 24 of December 2019 by posting an image as answer in this thread. Collaborative works are allowed. After the drawing time is over, you can vote for the winner in a poll, which runs for seven days.

  • When there are less than two participants in a month, the deadline is extended until there are at least two participants.

  • When there are multiple winners, one is chosen at random to provide the next topic.


Thanks @jmf for the announcement. I hope we will have some excellent entries this month.

A question, wouldn’t it make more sense to host these here? I think it would be somewhat good to centralize the Krita community activity, and this is a great site! What do you think?

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This is hosted here and not on the old forum from this month.


Started this week, had an idea that I thought would be too much work, but eh… I like to challenge myself.

It actually kinda works if you invert the picture… :wink:


Very interesting! Looks really cool when inverted too! Two questions, is that water color feel using a brush with the color smudge engine, and in the inversion on of the arm, is that a filter applied to a selection that you painted? How did you do that?


Thanks! I used a very messy brush for the underpaintings and my main brush is indeed just Krita’s palette knife brush with rotation applied to it. And the inversion effect was done by just making a new inverted layer on top of the original then erased.

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This is pretty cool. Even after inverting it.

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Hi. Just joined now. Hope to be better and, maybe join one of these challenges one day. Merry Christmas

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I think since there was not much participation other than @KIRE, this initiative might have went un-noticed by our members. Since @KIRE was sole participant I think they can choose next topic. We need to restart this contest. What do you say @jmf ?

Anyone else has any ideas?


Yeah could be a good idea. Maybe the theme should be something more specific?
I have an idea in mind tho… :wink:

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Hi Raghu,
is there a new challenge up for Feb or March?

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Hi @SoniaBennett
We can start from march with a new topic or the last topic. Something @KIRE can suggest. @jmf handles the monthly contest every month, I’ll ping them on IRC and check about this.


Hi, I just discovered Krita’s Monthly Challenge last year, participated once, then got busy with other things. Recently I joined art challenges in other community too so I recall Krita’s, checked how it is and realized Krita forum moved to this new platform like BlenderArtist.
So, can we make this continue again? I saw @jmf last seen is Jan 18, so did you pinged them on IRC @raghukamath? I see that people are more active here compared to when the old one. I saw you guys did virtual plein air, etc and people do join. I really hope that this one can be revived, it would be really dissappointing to see it discontinued after those years jmf was doing his best to keep it alive.

We can continue the monthly art challenge, @KIRE please suggest a topic for next month.

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