More use for Kikibot in the forum

Continuing the discussion from Add a hint about how to use Krita for new forum users:

I wonder if we could incorporate Kikibot a bit more into the forum and make her help with repeating tasks. For example @AhabGreybeard does a good job on the support front but he always has to ask the same questions again and again, like system specs, OS, Krita versions and so on. I’m sure he already just has a text ready to copy paste but it’s still a lot of work and probably pretty anoying. I don’t know how advanced kikibot is and how much she can be configured. Currently she is pretty limited, except from giving the tutorial or rolling dice there doesn’t seem to be much she can do. Would it it be nice to be able to invoke kikibot to post these boilerplate texts for us? Like let kikibot post the questions on behalf of a user by invoking her with @kikibot ask specs let her handle the aksing for common details so we users can focus on answering the question. Just throwing in some Ideas here.

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@Kikibot @Kikibot @Kikibot
Just because I’m wondering if, like Candyman, something happens when Kikibot is invoked 3 times… :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure, I may not understand, but who type request to kikibot?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @kikibot display help.

@kikibot display help.

Thats pretty much all it does now. Kikibot can roll a dice or guide you through the new and advanced user tutorial. I think we could maybe give her some more capabilities, if possible. A common recurring task is to ask the user for their kirta version, their os or device. Currently a user has to write a post for this every time, with links how to find and so on. When I could just ask Kikibot to post this for me, that would save a lot of time. Maybe kikibot can even look for specific keywords and do some simple things on her own.

We have a similar system at work to handle support, it helps to reduce questions about the most simplest things so support can focus on the hard stuff where a human is needed.

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There is some boilerplate text somewhere and here is a typical example of someone using it to start a topic:

I don’t know where this comes from but @tiar may know.

People generally don’t remove the non-relevant parts of the text so maybe a tutorial on using boilerplate text is needed.

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If I understand, when a new user arrives and ask a question about a problem, the answer he will get will be a kikibot request made by another user to ask him a question instead of asking question directly?
That’s not really friendly :sweat_smile:


That’s the default inside the text area when you open a new topic but most people seem to not understand that its kind of a form to edit and either leave it as is or delete it. Kikibot asking it would probably make it more prominent.

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Yes, I thought it would be helpful. It’s in the template for a post in a particular category. This can be changed though.

Kikibot can make posts on behalf of another user. In fact she does this in the advanced user tutorial, creating a post for you like it is yours and can also edit it (kikibot once edited out my quote of one of her posts automatically). So she could just edit in the text and it looks like you posted it.

Another solution would be to have an additional button to the reply/message button to specifically invoke bot actions without having to post a message yourself. That’s what we do at work with slack.

I’m not familiar with the forum software and don’t know what the bot can do.

Repeating my message from other thread. I do not know if kikibot can be customized to that extent, I will check if some other bot can help. It should not be a nuisance though, sometimes people get annoyed by a reply by bot and think this is akin to customer support where you get canned reply.

Another thing is no matter how much you try to educate people there will always be people who will stumble, you can’t make everything dumbed down. Regardless I understand the intent. I will try to search how other communities tackle this issue.


@Kikibot display help.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @kikibot display help.

@TheDrawingFox : Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You need to send a Personal Message to Kikibot to get the help and tutorials.
Click on the profile picture and then the Message button when the profile information appears, then send those help trigger words.
Note: Don’t put the period at the end of the trigger words: