Mouse pressure point like in Paint Tool SAI & better anti aliasing selection

In Paint Tool SAI we can use pressure sensitivity with mouse by clicking and drag point in curve. We don’t have it on Krita. And anti aliasing selection in krita is not very good. This makes the edges of the image thicker when the image color is changed using the paint bucket tool. Even after tinkering with featheringThis text will be hidden etc.
The conclusion:

  1. Mouse Pressure tool
  2. Better anti-aliasing selection

Or maybe someone has another solution. Maybe alternative applications, plugins, config, etc.

You need to explain more clearly what you mean by that, with screenshots and illustrative images.
You can’t use pressure sensitivity with a mouse because a mouse does not provide pressure signals and it’s assumed that pressure is maximum when using a mouse.
You can adjust the characteriatics of a brush preset at this assumed maximum pressure point in any way you like with krita by adjusting the ‘curves’ in the brush editor.

Again, can you provide illustrative images to explain this?

Oh I think I know what he/she means now. It is a vector option. You make your path and then you select something (I don’t recall what) and then you adjust the pressure of that node so you can emulate a hand made stroke with the mouse. There is no pressure involved in the process but the line gets thicker or slimmer as it renders out.

Really confusing way to say that.

I think Inkscape can do that. It’s one of the various ‘advanced’ capabiities of svg (which are not available in krita).

yeah. saddley on Inkscape it is so damn confusing to set it up. AI has a better interface but SAI is “super easy barely an inconvenience”.