Move layer to another Krita painting?

I have a nice line drawing on a layer in one Krita painting that I’d like to transfer to the layer stack of a second painting, How would I do that? Does not seem as simple as copy-paste.
While I’m at it: How can I turn a photo into a layer that can be inserted into a layer set of a Krita image?
Thanks for helping.


Normally, select layer in source document, do “copy layer”
Go to target document, and in layer stack, do “paste layer”

It doesn’t work?


I’m not sure to understand the question.
By default, any opened document have at least, one layer.
So if you open a JPEG file you’ll have JPEG image content as a layer.



I think he wants to import an image as a layer into an existing image.

In Krita 5 it’s in the menu layer->import->image I think.

Do “Drag & Drop”! If you drag a Photo out of your file manager onto an existing picture in Krita, you will get a dialog asking you how to import this dropped picture.



I save the .kra drawing I’m working on. Then I save again, but this time choose “save as.” Give this new file a different .kra file name. Then you can open the new version and delete everything you don’t want - leaving only the layer you wanted to use in a new drawing. Just make sure you look at the file name at the top of the screen to be sure you’re working in the right file.

In the .kra file that has the layer you want to copy to another file, turn off visibility of all layers you don’t want to copy. Then do file… export and export the visible layer. Export as a .png to preserve transparency.

Open the destination .kra file and do layer…import/export … import as paint layer and bring your .png into the .kra file.

Never save a .kra file as a single layer .jpeg or .png because it’s layers will be flattened into a single layer. Always use export. That way you still have your original .kra file.

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Hi I have copied an image into a new canvas by using the select tool of your choice select the image cut it from the original (close it without saving) open the new image and paste it onto a layer of your choice… Not fancy but it worked for me in Krita 4.4.8.

Hope that helps

To get a layer into another document simply right click on the layer in the layer list and say “copy layer” In the other document click at the place you want to insert it in the layer list, rightclick and say “paste layer”.

If you want to copy more than one layer which are not in a layer set together you have to select them first. You do that by holding Ctrl and click them.

For getting a photo or whatever picture you like into an existing file, simply drag and drop the file into Krita, you will then be asked if you want to put it in as a layer, or a new document etc. You can even import more than one picture at a time as layers if you like.

Thanks to all who replied. I see there are different approaches, so I’ll try them out. It has really helped me. You are a great bunch