My menu on Krita disappeared

A few weeks ago a part of my menu on Krita disappeared and now I can no longer save my images as PNGs, how do I fix this?

Check if you can right-click on the toolbar and make sure that on the very bottom of the list “File” is checked?


It seems you’re running on a version of Ubuntu with Unity or GNome3 desktop.
Can you:

  • Provide more information about you OS (linux ubuntu? which version? which desktop?)
  • Test other application than Krita to check if the problem is the same or if it only appears for Krita

I’ve just installed an ubuntu + gnome3 OS to test, but I’m not (yet) able to reproduce your case

Looking on google, it seems that’s a frequent problem to loose menu bar and window decoration (title, border) with unity and gnome3 desktop…


That’s what I was originally doing but now when I click on “right” this menu pops up

I’m wondering if there is any program that I can use to convert a “kra” file into a PNG

No, you need to click below that, in the same area the Opacity slider is on.

Yeah, I use ubuntu, I am not sure wich version but i’ve been using Krita for more than a year and i never had this issue.

I need more information :slight_smile:

Search for ‘about’

I need information I’ve highlighted in red:

  1. Which version of Krita are you using?
    An appimage downloaded from ? or Krita installed from Ubuntu software store?

  2. Did you made an update of your system recently?

  3. Do you have other Qt application with the same problem or Krita is the only one?

  4. If you restart the computer, the problem is still here?


  1. Version 4.2.9, I got it from the store
  2. The app updates itself, but i didn’t update my system
  3. This problem only appeared while i was using Krita
    4.I tryed, it didn’t work


You didn’t provide me OS Version and GNome version.
This can help me to understand where is the problem…

You can also try this:


Hello! I use ubuntu 16.04 and I did download and delete krita from my laptop. I think I might delete the kritarc file, however I am unable to find it on my pc (i know that it exists but i can’t find the location of it).

Ok thanks!

So, I’ve installed Ubuntu 16.04
And downloaded Krita 4.2.9 appimage from

Execution provides me this:

If I move the move on bar on the top:

=> the menu is visible

So, now I’ve to try to reproduce what’s happening on your computer because currently, everything is working on my side…

First, can you go to Setting / Appearance

Tab Behavior and with the options:

  1. Check current values
  2. Play with different combination
    And tell me if changing the option change something for your Krita menu?

You have to note that Ubuntu 16.04 is very old (end of life: April 2021, after there’s no more support for security and software update)


I did these settings but from some reason nothing happend, the strange part is that i’ve been using krita for more than one year and this never happend.

Hi! I had the same issue with the Krita Appimage on Ubuntu with KDE after enabling/diasabling the “global menu”. Switching Krita to fullscreen mode (Ctrl+Shift+F) and back fixed it. I don’t know if this will work in Unity, though.
(Edit: shortcut was wrong)

Yeah I tryed but I didn’t work xD, it’s pretty weird to be honest (I mean… it did this out of nowhere).


In this another topic: [Bug] krita is not showing the menu bar anymore
User seems to had the same problem, and it has been solved…

Could you take a look on it and test the solutions to determinate if it allows or not to solve the problem for you too?



I have the same problem… I tryed but didn’t work too. I don’t know what to do anymore