(Named) Brush Preset variations

Hi, I’m novice user and this is my first proposal for new feature: I will try to follow Making a proposal, btw. it is hilarious, it made me laugh well :smiley:

Problem: For every brush engine there are different parameters which can be tweaked and I use this functionality quite a lot. The only way for me to save the state of the brush is to create new brush preset, otherwise I forget which tweaks I actually did. It is not complicated, but quickly brush preset library become overhelmed with many brushes which I used. If I want to distinguish them, I need some icon and I need to maintain consistent tagging…

Related problems observed:
Currently is not possible to:

  • change (update) brush preset icon from within Brush editor (for example when I tweak settings and overwrite brush, so the brush example should look differently). There is no way to change the icon currently (except editing icon file)

  • save new brush preset with customizable/smart numbering (for example [1],[2],[3], not copy copy copy)

  • add comment for brush preset, so I can describe usage etc. (sometimes descriptive name is not enough)

  • Bundles are great for sharing with other users, but painful for internal organization of brushes. Currently the only functinality in Manage Resource Libraries is “Import” and “Activate/Deactivate”, currently is not possible to:

    • add/remove brushes to/from bundles
    • edit/change bundle icon, name, description, etc.

Proposition: (Named) Brush Preset variations

Option one: Import/Export. When tweaking brush preset in Brush Editor, current brush settings can be exported to disk (XML or JSON, similar like filters), so the user can maintain brush preset variations on his computer, and later adequatly imported into Krita (via Brush Editor).

Option two: Save Brush preset variations as resources. Brush preset variations are saved as resources, so they can be bundled together with Brush presets, etc. That way variations could be accessible from Brush Editor (as dropdown) or from toolbar.

For saving/exporting brush preset variation together with settings should be saved also custom name and description. For activating/importing brush preset variation would be required to check that required “parent” brush preset/bundle is available/activated.

Hopefully my proposition is on the line with A New Resource System which is comming with Krita 5.
Best regards,
Milan Košir


Could this be of interest than?

Do you want an icon chooser dialog on Overwrite Brush Preset?


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You are correct about the limitations of bundles, but note that they are not there to provide organization for brushes. For the organization, there are tags - and note that you can have comments for tags (though right now it’s kinda useless because the user cannot make a comment for their custom tags - but it can/will be implemented; only default tags have non-useless comments but they are not editable).

Easy fix, I added it to the TODO list, though it might not be in 5.0 just yet. Would be good to see what other people think, too, especially since right now the (1) etc. ending will come from importing a resource with the same name, too - do you think it would cause any confusion?

That is not really compliant with the new resource system, so I don’t think we’re going to do that.

This is… quite backwards, I feel, I mean, the resource folder is to keep resources. If you find lots of brush presets overwhelming, we need to find a better way to organize them together, not just export somewhere else.

Though 1) import is already there, though in Resource Manager, not Preset Editor, 2) Export is not there, but I would like to have it in various places. But it won’t come in 5.0 just yet.


Thank you @Michelist, yes, that would be great help when changing (overwriting) brush preset.

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Thank you Mr. @tiar for prompt and detailed reply! It was just an idea :smiley:

If you find lots of brush presets overwhelming, we need to find a better way to organize them together, not just export somewhere else.

Yes, this is one part of the problem… I know, they can be packed in bundles and activated/deactivated, but requires quite a lot of work.

My main problem is that I tweak brush presets a lot while I work on something. If I get back to that in a few days, I can hardly find the right brush, let alone all the settings to continue where I left.
Probably my problem is that I am inexperienced.

Thanks again for looking at my suggestion!

This function would increase the clarity a lot, especially when creating new presets en masse I occasionally forget the proper naming. This would at least create well distinguishable presets.


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But why you just don’t tag and untag them? Especially since in 5.0 it will be very easy to do it on multiple resources at once. Bundles are for sharing the resources, or using someone else’s resources, not really for organization…

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Thank you, yes, probably I should better learn how to use tagging as the main organizational tool. I really like tagging, but I’m afraid, that soon I will have also too many tags :smiley: Currently only one tag can be selected in popup pallete or brush preset docker, so… you know what I mean… If I could select combination of different tags, that would be really helpful. Maybe I just don’t know how to use tagging properly.

Make a special tag “brushes for popup palette”, maybe? Brushes can have multiple tags.

Btw tagging was a bit more troublesome in 4.4.3.

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Idea for this naming helper([1],[2],[3],…) came from excellent plugin Switch to Alternate Version of Brush Plugin.

Thank you, as I said, I’m pretty stupid :smiley:
Edit: I think that it would be helpful, if tagging would be available in Brush Editor window (Save new Brush preset & Overwrite Brush Preset). Just an idea.

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One more question related to the same topic: would it be possible (or maybe already is) to save brush preset history with the file? It would be really helpful, so when you get back to some work, all the brush presets which were used in a file, would be there. Those which are (maybe) deactivated or deleted in the meantime, could be marked as missing or something.

Not possible yet (or in 5.0), but it is possible in the new system and there were some thoughts about it.

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You don’t have to worry about it because it is implemented in Buli Notes plugin

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