Near the coast- Dirty Chalk for childrens NEW Bundle released!

Is weird!:crazy_face: but this picture was hidden in my hard drive. i think it has not been published here. Is the original image i created for a non published yet bundle called Chalkfor children. (in a few days it will be released). Maybe i was involved in other things, so is time to refresh this. do you like the texture in details? Do you think this pack can offer you something new? works in Krita 4 and Krita 5 perfectly.

I think they can combine perfectly with crayons or even be used to produce gouache effect as i published time ago.

Also the last image that I shown in the last video in YT “recorder docker” was created with this set.

So stay tuned! :wink:


That chalk set sounds very exciting. My all time favourite bundle is the crayon bundle – I can’t wait to play with chalk and crayon together.


Nice! :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

Exciting! :grin:

Oh thanks, I love that bundle. In fact Crayon bundle was created after this set, so I was really focused on what I wanted to achieve. Maybe other people will discover new uses or create variants. I love that too. Ieft these in “for personal use”. They are really fun, because each brush has a specific function, at least for me. Read the names, and you have a clue :wink:


Thanks for the feature! @raghukamath have a nice weekend


Can’t wait to try this out !

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That gouache is amazing. It reminds me of the backgrounds of an anime called Ranking of Kings, which is super beautiful.


Thanks a lot! It was painted with Chalk_Dirty_Round_Dense. I avoided the “gouache” term because is confusing for some people and that way is not only for that technique, but is more like …yes i can use this brush for that, but also for other things.


waiting eagerly :smile: !!

I hope to release it in a few hours. I hope you like it!


I have no doubt that I am going to enjoy it, just like I have enjoyed your every other bundles !
Personally I am a big fan of your charcoal brush bundle and I am sure this is going to be a very attractive bundle too :slight_smile: !

@raghukamath If there is a better place for them please let me know or move the bundle there.

Here we go! New bundle for the Krita community! I hope you enjoy it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I would like to see your master pieces because i am planning to make another stream reviewing them and giving some tips about this new brushes and just relaxing a bit as we did in watercolors.

My best wishes!
PD: Don’t forget to say thanks also to @Rytelier. He gave me permission to use some of his brushtips used here.


Nice! More ways to add subtle textures.
trying it for hair and portrait background:

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Yay!!! And thank you!

Hurray! Just loaded them and I’m ready to paint! Thank you, @RamonM and @Rytelier.

Fire chalk test
Thanks Ramon! I made a quick fire test wit one of them.


These are wonderful! :smile: Thank you Ramon and @Rytelier!

thank’s I have tried them, they look amazing

Please make a new topic with same post in the resource section too :slight_smile: