New certificate background for Season of KDE


I’m Johnny, one of the Season of KDE admin this year ( The aim of the program is to offer an opportunity to people to participate to the KDE projects.

At the end of the program, we deliver a certificate to the people who successfully passed their proposals.
The actual background image is sok-bg.png · master · Aleix Pol Gonzalez / sok-certificates · GitLab but is 5 years old and it would be nice to have a new one.

I don’t see a lot of requirements except:

  • it has to leave the text readable (The image sok.svg besides the sok-bg.png image)
  • it should look like “KDE”-ish

Thank you!


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Hello @Johnny and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think the .svg text is this one? :
sok.svg · master · Aleix Pol Gonzalez / sok-certificates · GitLab

Thank you!

yes, it is. But as a newcomer in the forum, I could only have 2 links in my initial post :slight_smile:


Hi @Johnny ,

I saw your call on the mailing-list, and, as I’m Covid positive since a couple of days and can’t focus on drawing or painting (cause I’m unfortunately part of the low statistic that can enjoy all symptoms even after a triple doses of vax, but after 4 days of fever I already feel better :mask: ), I decided to launch Blender this morning and learn a few things about it. I played with sci-fi shapes, hexagons, a bright palette of color to try to get a Plasma wallpaper feeling.

Sources: a 3508px x 2480px ; Krita file (with adjustement for color and brightness) and high resolution here, CC-By license.

I’m not sure the result will be good enough. Feel free to tweak it. I’m a pretty bad Blender Artist now and I have a lot to catch up. Anyway, that was cool to learn about material and Eevee, and make imagery even with a headache. :+1:

I still have the Blender file if you think it worth doing other zoom/crop/perspective over this model.

I hope it will help the Season of KDE; it’s one of my favorite initiative and I know a lot of effort and volunteer happens around it.



thank you!
Here is what it looks like with information on it:

I’ll ask other mentors/admins to check if it is good for them or if there are some things that could be improved.

I hope you’ll feel better soon.


I think the Season of KDE 2022 can be in bold font weight.

I took some liberty to modify the design based on the background provided by @Deevad.

If think it can be used I can share the svg file and font files. License is like deevad mentioned cc-by

P.S. @Deevad hope you feel better and recover soon


Whoa, it is really nice the combination of both! Thank you a lot!
Yes, please if you can share the SVG and font file (the font is also cc-by?), it would be really great.

The svg file and the font files can be downloaded from here - Nextcloud

The font is Montserrat which is licensed under Open Font License, you can check out the repository here - GitHub - JulietaUla/Montserrat

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makes me wanna pass the certificate just to get the paper

Thank you @Johnny @raghukamath for your nice words.

@raghukamath You have a so sharp eye and good taste for graphic design! :+1: What you did is really cool, and you know, never hesitate to do that again. We should collab more often! :wink:


@Deevad @raghukamath Thank you again, the reaction on the list were really positive on your work! I’ve made a Merge Request to use your inputs, the students will have a nicer certificate now :slight_smile:

@Deevad I hope you have no after-effects and are now able to focus on your art
@raghukamath Thank you also for pinning the subject


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