New "Follow" user feature is enabled now

There was some demand from users to have some kind of follow feature, where you can follow a user and get notified when they post. Seems like there is an official discourse plugin for it. I have enabled it and you can no follow users by clicking the follow button on their profile or on the profile card that pops up when you click on their avatar.

This is a new addition so based on user review it may be tweaked slightly like default settings etc. No enhancement can be made outside of what the official plugin offers. To read more about the plugin check the official page here - Discourse Follow - plugin - Discourse Meta

These are the settings given by the plugin

User preferences

Preference Purpose
Notify me when followed Enables/disables notification when someone follows you
Notify followed user when followed Enables/disables notifications that other people receive when you follow them
Notify me when followed replies Enables/disables notifications when people you’re following reply
Notify me when followed creates topic Enables/disables notifications when people you’re following create new topics
Allow people to follow me Allow/don’t allow anyone to follow you. If you turn this preference off and you have existing followers, they’ll no longer receive notifications about your new replies/topics, you will not appear in their following users list, and your posts will not appear in their follow feed.

YOOO! This is perfect! :raised_hands:

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That was my reaction too

Thank you! I was just wishing for this the other day.


Seems the feature has been disabled?
Not available anymore in preferences


Check by hard reloading the page. You should have it in the preferences page

Also to follow someone you can click on this

or on their profile page

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That’s strange.

The functionality was here
And it was not here anymore
And I finally had to refresh everything to get it back… :thinking:

A problem of cache with browser maybe :man_shrugging:


I do hope the devs don’t mind getting stalked here :roll_eyes:
I can imagine they’ll be getting a lot more replies after their posts if lot’s of people get email notifications.

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There’s an option to allows you not being followed


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Me too :slight_smile:

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