New website feedback

There is an updated version of that is currently being developed. Most of the changes are back-end related to make it easier to work with. Krita now uses WordPress as the back-end. WordPress worked great until we started getting more languages supported, and started needing more levels of caching with our increased traffic. Because WordPress uses a combination of many technologies like databases, server side code, client side code, and plugins, it has gotten very complex to manage over the years. There are many changes that only I have been able to do because of how much we customize our WordPress installation. This dependency on me, as well as the other reasons mentioned above, was the reason for this technology refresh to simplify everything.

If the new website was just a 1:1 replacement, I don’t know if we would need as much artist feedback. I am also doing some minor design-related changes while I am working on it. While I continue to work on the new version, the WIP version will be available here to preview so you can see where it is at.

Feedback wanted
I have mostly been working in a bubble with redoing this site, so it is easy for me to miss things. There will be a lot of opinions, and I will only be able to do what I think fits within the scope of this project and my ability. I do think allowing all opinions is really important though, so any feedback is welcome.

WIP website:



A quick look, it’s clean and more modern :slight_smile:

No time now to give a complete feedback, I saw things that might be changed I think, I’ll try tomorrow to give feedback on things I saw, if nobody gave a feedback on it before me :upside_down_face:


Foreground / Background of “Free and Open Source” title.
Maybe website should default to (dark) / light mode like Krita it self?



What I’ve noticed:

Download section says Krita 5.0.6 available but in the store, it’s actually 5.1.1

Features section, artwork is cut off on mobile, is that what you intended?

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I checked out the site earlier today; some various things I noticed:

  • The “Free and Open Source” text on the front page is a very unreadable dark purple on dark grey.
  • The Downloads page is outdated, showing 5.0.6 as the current release, and 5.0x/5.1x as the current stable/unstable. Linux is also misspelled as “Linx” under the Nightlys section.
  • At the bottom of the site, there are links to the Roadmap and Release History pages, which are not kept updated. (Note: on the current website, those are under the About page.)
  • The front page’s site title in the browser tab just reads “Krita”, while the current site has a tagline- “Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.”
  • Some URLs have two slashes (“//posts/”, “//en” or other language code when clicking on the Krita logo at the top-left of the header). It works, of course, but it looks strange.
  • On the bottom of the Posts page, the “earliest” posts are for some reason the “Download”, “Shop”, and “Get Involved” pages, from “January 1, 1”.

Also, something I noticed about even the current website, there’s not a link to YouTube with the rest of the social media icons?

On a different note- when I saw that the news post list was all on one page, I got worried, since I prefer paged lists, especially for something with over 700 entries; but it actually seems to work pretty well, there’s not any kind of loading issues when I’m scrolling. I can use the scrollbar to easily get anywhere in the list.


More tiling and less scrolling for phones would be nice. I feel like you could have us scroll right and left a little and fit two posts. Id make the banner different or smaller on mobile. And make the short description of Krita a click on to read all of it. To save space.

Tools you need to groe, ressources, interview could be a fast moving carousel you can pause.


Awesome work @scottyp, I have not deep dived into the design yet. I have some feedback and may be I will send merge request for these in the repository. On first glance I have the issue of content being spread far across due to my monitor resolution that is 2560 x 1440p

I’ll update this comment if I find more.

Also let me know if you need any help in graphics or logo or anything design related imagery, I will be happy to help. I also think people here will be glad to contribute to this.

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Some feedback :slight_smile:
→ Feedback for some problem I saw yesterday have already been made, I’ll concentrate on other


The bottom banner

This website uses cookies to learn about our site usage. If your browser is set to do not track mode we will not use statistics cookies.
Is displayed each time I go on a new page Got it


  • On main page ( I click “Got it”
  • Going on features page, I have to click again
  • Going on download page, I have to click again

  • Once clicked, it seems to be memorized only for the page, not for the entire website


Can’t take time to refer all hyperlink here

But globally:

  • if an hyperlink redirect to a, need open page in current tab/window
  • if an hyperlink redirect outside, need to open a new tab/window
    – Note: changing sub-domain, like for me is an outside redirection

Main page

Artist name

On main page, artist name is centered Art by Tyson Tan
On other pages (features, download), artist page is right aligned: on main page it should be right aligned too (


Main page

RSS icon

On main page, the rss feed icon is too big compared to text…

Something like this looks better (for me)

Here css code applied on icon (using em unit to ensure that it will be consistent across devices) :

element {
  height: 1.25em;
  position: relative;
  top: -0.75em;

See all link

Also, the See all link is not consistent with other see XXX link in main page
Using the same css class ghost button, with small style tweak style="margin-left:.5rem;position: relative;top: -0.25em;" looks better (for me)

Read more

On all post summary page, there’s a Read more for each news.

This read more is not visible on main page and I think it could be better to have it to incite/invite user to read detailed news content.

News page

When reading a news ( it could be useful to have on news page:

  • A link to go back to news summary
  • Links to access next/previous news

Artists interviews

When reading an artist interview ( it could be useful to have on page:

  • A link to go back to artists interview summary
  • Links to access next/previous artists interview

It seems artists interview are subset of post, but having direct access to artists interview summary & previous/next would be better I think (nobody will try to filter post to read them)


In feature page, buttons Learn more are not aligned…
It’s visually not very pleasing

Maybe something like this?

Concerning productivity features, icons are blurry:

Why to not use Krita’s vector icon instead of bitmap?

Also, for Python scription, use of Python logo instead of transform tool icon would be better :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what it means:

There’s no link, the emerge krita is visually weird…

About system requirement, I know it’s a 1:1 copy from current, but I think it’s time to review it…

Windows 8.1?? I think it’s Windows 10 now no?
RAM: I know Krita is able to run with 4GB, but according to your document properties, it’s sometimes not enough… and we already have on forum people complaining that as it’s noticed 4GB Krita should be able to work without any problem… I currently have no clear idea about how to review that… maybe:

  • Minimum 4GB
  • Recommended: 16GB

Concerning graphic tablets, trying to provide list is useless; XP-Pen is missing :yum:
Probably better to indicate “any tablet compatible with your operating system”

Get involved & Shop

There’s no artwork like in main page, features page, download page.
It could be better with an artwork :slight_smile:


Maybe use ghost button class for hyperlink to KA :slight_smile:


The donate button redirect immediately to

But the donate page is difficult to reach…

I know there’s a debate about this in dev team (for what I remember I read), but the donate button should redirect to donate page from, and then propose something like this:

My point of view is:

  • By providing direct access to monthly donation page, some people won’t donate because they can’t made a monthly donation; missing a one-time donation just for that would be sad
  • By providing direct access to monthly donation page, you’re not able to provide information about where money’s going and how it’s used

Same for main page link:

Should be redirect to donate page

And like Get Involved and Shop, there’s no artwork like in main page, features page, download page.
It could be better with an artwork :slight_smile:


French page are… in englsh at 95% :sweat_smile:
How can we provide help for translating new site pages in french (or in other language for other people wanting to help to translate in their own language)?

I hope it’s not through a git repository? :woozy_face:

About credit:

It’s weird, I initially understood you’ve made the chinese translation :sweat_smile:

May be like this:

or this:

it’s more readable

About / History

If you remove picture, remove description and credit for picture :slight_smile:

I think that’s all for now :slight_smile:



I have a Windows 8.1 computer and still use it, and I have Krita 5.1.1 on it and it opens fine. When did the requirements change? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Krita still work on Windows 7 64b, and is not officially supported anymore :slight_smile:

Concerning Windows 8.1 it’s a mistake sorry, I was thinking this version of Windows was not supported anymore by Microsoft :upside_down_face:

But the end is near:

Then in January 2023, I think Krita probably won’t support officially Windows 8.1 anymore
This doesn’t means it won’t work anymore, but if you have problem to run it on Windows 8.1, you might be recommended to upgrade to Windows 10…



Ok, thought so. (Unfortunately, for that laptop, Windows 10 is Not recommended. Hardware incompatible.)

“Create your own animations to your artwork” sounds very awkward.

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It’s hard to tell. It looks like a “work in progress”. I have too much things to point out.

Just keep in mind that content is the same than current site, only site organization/style/layout is modified.

Content change/update might happen in a second time I think so except maybe small things about content that have to be modified, it’s almost about new interface that feedback is requested.

But I if you have things to report about content you should do it I think.

And if there’s too much things to report concerning layout/style, just report the most important for you :wink:


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I see it’s a WordPress site. Do you use Gutenberg (with some blocks plugins) or Elementor ?
I made a capture. I consider that the general looks needs to be more balanced. It’s about image creation so images must be in bigger size. I see little elements with no big focus.

You are reviewing the old/current site the new version is here -

:rofl: OK, sorry for being so dumb.

I like it. Clean and efficient. Well, the feed icon is the only problem I see.

Just updated the text. It might take me a little more time before I can add a dark/light theme switch…which is also a bit lower on the priority list

I think I have both of these updated/fixed now. Good feedback.

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There is some great feedback in here. I did about 90% of this so far and all of the changes are updated on the site.

For the translations. We are going to use GIT for writing and translations. Even though it isn’t as friendly for non-technical people, it is still better than how we currently have to manage content and translations. These are the various things we have to do now:

  • Some content is written in the web interface for new posts
  • Some translations are done in the web interface
  • some translators don’t have access to the web interface, so they are manually sent content to translate
  • Some translations have to be done via POT files that are manually sent out to translators via email
  • Some changes are done directly in the theme file which needs server access (pretty much just me)

It is kind of a mess because of all the various touch points that WordPress has for the translation process.

If you look over the website and find anything else, feel free to send more feedback my way. Thanks for all your work so far.