NEW video in Youtube Channel. Making Brushes part 1

I am going to reveal all my techniques for brush making in these series of short videos. At the end you will be able to modify existing brushes and also create new ones with your own preferences. Like charcoal, watercolor, Oil brushes with impasto, Pure fast digital brushes and crazy experiments that will teach you a lot about brush making.
In this first video we are going to deal with some of the basic things you need when you are painting.

I have good new. You don’t need to study a lot because Krita has by default good brushes for painting. and you will improve your knowledge by knowing this.

I hope you like it. I listen and read all your comments. Thanks


Exciting! This is such an important video, and I am sure soooo many people will find this useful and start their brush journey because of it. I think I now have a new video I will send whenever people ask me how to make/tweak brushes! :grin: Up until now I have been sending the one that got me started, which now is kinda dated.
I look forward to seeing this video when I get the time. Happy to see you make such an important video, and knowing you I know it will be great!


Thanks for the nice comment, this is the final goal. To help all the users to get the best of Krita. Maybe you already know a lot of things, but is the beginning :wink:

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Just watched. Well done. I now know the difference in opacity and flow. :slight_smile:


i think that is really important because i use the trick in wash mode to have a limited buildup effect and mimic a lot of traditional media. And remember this is the beginning ;). Thanks


So good!!!

I never knew what that plus sign was for (the one at the bottom of the presets in brush editor). I am making my first brush right now ( a crazy rough sketch brush using the Particle Engine) but had to stop to say thank you for producing this video. Please do keep teaching us about making brushes.


Thanks for saving a bit of time to write a good comment like this. I know we all have to discover yet a lot of things about Krita :wink:

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I just finished watching. Thank you for making videos like this! I’m eager to see more info! :+1:

Agreed…I ‘studied’ and built brushes in Painter for years and years and there are a lot of similarities but the details are significantly different.

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