New video talking about Watercolor in Krita. Brushes explained

New video in Krita’s youtube channel. This time i am explaining how to use the watercolor brushes to get the best effects. Are you in? go and test the brushes and share your artwork here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And this is me painting with these brushes copying Ngan Pham Artwork. I love it.

(no special brushes or textures, all by default). i hope you like it.


i joined Krita-Artists community because i saw the link in this video in youtube, cheers my friend.


Welcome, and don’t be shy in sharing your experience with Krita with us. We learn all together

New example of what we can achieve with these new brushes. Ngan Pham’s sketches are awesome. I enjoy a lot adding color to them. i hope you like it. :heart_eyes:


is the flow strength different compared to the flow value alone?

sorry i don’t understand your question. i use both flows and i observe the result. I use masked brush flow to add more or less reduction of pigment due i use the subtract mode in masked brush. first i design the behavior, my goal and then i imagine everything in my head. Maybe is a crazy way to create brushes.
Maybe if you put some screenshots…
flow strength vs flow value.

I don’t know if that helps. Let me know.

I saw the video again and I think I understand better what you mean then.

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hi all, i think i need to share this test, Maybe a god and easy exercise to practice?


i would like to use the watercolor brushes, but many of them do not work. when i use them, the action is recorded, but there is nothing visible. there are other brushes that work. what is this, what can i do? help… thanks.

edit: seems like only the ones who work appear in “paint”, but in “all” appear a lot more watercolor brushes (the blue ones) - and they do not work… why… i need them…!

Are you using a mouse and not a pressure sensitive graphics pen/tablet?
If so, many watercolour brushes are pressure sensitive and do not produce a visible stroke with maximum pressure (which is what a mouse gives you).

This has been dealt with in the Stable/Plus release which you can get here:
I suggest you use the .zip package which will not affect your current 4.3.0 installation.
I think the Stable/Plus release will become a formal public release soon.

thanks a lot! indeed i used the mouse. but i have a pressuresensitive pen to use normally.

can you please tell me where to find other watercolour-brushes, i would need some that are more watery and show the texture of real watercolor…

is there any description of how to make brushes on my own? i know that its possible but i did not have time yet to look it up how to do it…

There are many ‘bundles’ of different kinds of brushes for krita available in various places on the internet, such as Deviant Art and similar places.

I seem to remember that @RamonM has a video, on his own You Tube channel or the official krita You Tube channel, where he gives explanations of how he made brushes presets. The video in the first post shows this for the new watercolour brushes. There are other You Tube videos that show you how to make your own brush presets.

You make or modify brush presets in the Brush Editor, the icon on the Toolbar that looks like the brush you’re using.
Making or modifying a brush preset is easy. Making a good and useful one is quite difficult and needs skill and practice.

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All the presets work, with stylus and mouse if you follow the guidelines. Watch the video again, maybe you are missing something. Also if you need more contents here you have :smiley:

Creating a basic brush

Creating variants from another brushes (Watercolor brushes) with icon library.

Things related with brush rotation and drawing angle.

How we can make RGBA brushes with oil behavior. Understanding a bit Masked brush.

How to Create Animated Brushes. Random

Importing Brushes, not bundles (remember you need to have the brushtips loaded, but if the brush use the default Krita 4 resources you don’t have to do anything else. When you import the brush, is done.)

Concepts used in pencils. Scatter, Pattern, Fuzzy Dab or Stroke

Concepts used in Shading brushes. Scalable, Easy to change the texture, not detail oriented (this one can be discussed :wink: , Controllable with the roughness feature )

Tablets supported

Adjust the pressure to your needs


thank you!

I really wish the video started with the import process. I thought these brushes were automatically included in Krita. I was thinking I was nuts not being able to find them.

Also, these are awesome! Thanks so much!

well, most users use tablets with pressure, so importing the brushes is not needed if you don’t need too use them with a mouse. That is the reason why the import process was arround the end. The brushes as they were designed are included in Krita 4 by default.
Anyway, i am glad you like them. Now is time to use them and show their potential. :wink:

that’s super cute!