New video talking about Watercolor in Krita. Brushes explained

New video in Krita’s youtube channel. This time i am explaining how to use the watercolor brushes to get the best effects. Are you in? go and test the brushes and share your artwork here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And this is me painting with these brushes copying Ngan Pham Artwork. I love it.

(no special brushes or textures, all by default). i hope you like it.


i joined Krita-Artists community because i saw the link in this video in youtube, cheers my friend.


Welcome, and don’t be shy in sharing your experience with Krita with us. We learn all together

New example of what we can achieve with these new brushes. Ngan Pham’s sketches are awesome. I enjoy a lot adding color to them. i hope you like it. :heart_eyes:

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is the flow strength different compared to the flow value alone?

sorry i don’t understand your question. i use both flows and i observe the result. I use masked brush flow to add more or less reduction of pigment due i use the subtract mode in masked brush. first i design the behavior, my goal and then i imagine everything in my head. Maybe is a crazy way to create brushes.
Maybe if you put some screenshots…
flow strength vs flow value.

I don’t know if that helps. Let me know.

I saw the video again and I think I understand better what you mean then.

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