NEW VIDEO: Vector Libraries docker+ 2vector Libs

Hi, i have finished the video for this month. It will be about this topic.

Surprises, knowledge, and a lot of fun, with something that was already there (the Vector libraries docker i mean) and 2 NEW vector libraries. Sci-fi and Nature.

My idea for this video is like open a new door in Krita. Now is your turn and test it. Just wait a bit, until is public. Subscribe to the channel if you are not and enjoy it!

It would be really interesting to know your feedback after the video. Please put your comments in Youtube and also here. I am waiting the green light to publish it.

Oh! and i will be publishing here my own experiments and “making of images” :wink:


The video is public! Enjoy it, and if you liked it let me know in the YT comments about your feddback



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Hi @RamonM and thank you for making a large and wonderful collection of vector shapes in a vector library :slight_smile: :+1:

You can make your own vector libraries in krita as I explain here:
Make your own Vector Library the sneaky way