Niwatari Kutaka (庭渡久侘歌) (HDR)

First painting I did with an actual scenery for the background, resulting in a lot of experimentation and looking things up. Many challenges among the way and very satisfying when finally complete. Total painting time ~50h, total production time (incl. painting) ~100h.

HDR scene linear style painting, 32-bit float on a linear high resolution canvas. Thanks a lot for the great documentation regarding this! Hopefully the issue with colour picking only picking sRGB values can be fixed relatively soon, as it is the reason this painting was done in sRGB. Everything else about the workflow is really fantastic!

Layer variations and the original 9000x5000 PNG files, also in HDR, and Krita files are on pixiv fanbox. There is also a timelapse video. 【Krita、タイムラプス、HDR】庭渡久侘歌|ふぇるむ🌸神すいか🍉|pixivFANBOX (JP)


New users can only post 2 images, so attached is the third primary render, mainly an experiment at overexposure.

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