No G'Mic Plugin in Krita 5.1 KDE Neon

I had a issue to use G’Mic.
I have a error like the plugin can not be loaded or not instaled.
Also no option in settings
Can someone help me out with a solution for this?
thank you in advance

Please download and use appimage from the official website. G’Mic has been moved to inbuilt plugin in krita and distro packagers have not yet made this transition, so if you use Krita from distribution you will not get gmic.

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Sorry fo late answer. Thank you but, I cant find the appimage on the website. It is only deb file, but did not work even I make executable

Try this link:

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OK. I think I misanderstanded the appimage thing. I was sure I have to download the G’Mic appimage.
Thank you @AhabGreybeard @raghukamath

G’mic is now inbuilt into krita there is no need to download anything. But this is not done in the repo since they build gmic for other applications they think this will clash with it. So it is better to use Krita from official website.

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Thank you!