Note for Windows Cintiq users who see an offset between stylus and cursor

I’ve been in touch with Wacom, and we’ve discovered the following:

  • If you have a Cintiq and an Expresskeys remote
  • Use Windows
  • Have other displays than your cintiq
  • And have disabled Windows Ink in the stylus calibration settings page
  • And see an offset between the stylus and where it draws

You need to make sure that the Cintiq is first in the list of devices in the Wacom Desktop application, not the Expresskeys Remote (or another Wacom device).

This is a driver bug, and now that Wacom is aware of it, it might get fixed. But if you run into this, well, you will need to disconnect the expresskeys remote usb thingy (which can be a lot of work with a cintiq), clear the Wacom settings, connect the cintiq, then reconnect the expresskeys remote usb thingy, until you’ve finally got the devices in the right order.


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