Notes docker - python plug

A note docker could be helpful to write down ideas, or keep some keywords of our open projects. Either by typing in text or loading a simple *.txt file from hard drive. A history could remember these files as requirements change from work to work

If you enjoy some weekend activity with krita it’s one thing, but if you need to deliver a certain type of product, you use several sources of information, including seemingly insignificant text notes.
Notes are, basically, a guideline for our artwork

I don’t really see a benefit over just having a text file or whatever you need together with your kra file in a folder. That’s what I do in addition to just writing the notes on a separate layer.

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The point is I don’t split windows with other applications when working with krita. Mostly I keep fullscreen, but then and when I check the dockers, where I pick what I need.

Helps to speed up the process if you can keep simple things together.

Useful for projects, not some occasional scribble.

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Well, i have a second and third screen for notes references and other things I need. I can understand wanting it all in Krita but the dockers already take a lot of UI real estate. Having it all in Krita sounds good on paper but I doubt it would speed up much in practice for most people when alt+tab lets you switch to your notes in a second. However, you could probably make a phython plug-in to get this functionality.

Yeah I see, a lot of people desire everything possible from other software, often just for the sake to “stuff the chicken” uselessly
Yep, I forgot to specify this request should be a python plugin, no need to implement it into krita directly. Plugins do a great job.

In the past, i used PS which has this kind of feature. Alt +tab is a workflow breaker for me, so I prefer rather not.

Usually I drag drop Screenshots of my notes on krita, converting them as references… It’s cumbersome. So it’s not a imagination on paper but a real life situation, but you can’t know that

Not sure how this would be useful overall considering the user base.

Alternatively you can make a vector layer above your comp and just make a text box and type there.
Also you can just open the scripter and use that instead but it is not integrated inside Krita it exists independent despite being part of.
I think those would be better options for you at the moment and might be reason enough not to make text editor inside Krita.

Alternatively making a Python addon for it is always a option that is open.

Yeah, but the text should be outside the canvas. All layers are on canvas.
So I add it as a reference

Then use the scripter? shrugs
Either way a plugin in should not be awefully hard to make. you probably just need to use a “QPlainTextEdit” and then do save load buttons with corresponding functions and make it remember what it was holding on startup.