??Onion Skin??

Hi everyone! I’m new to animation and I’m trying to figure out how to use the onion skin.
I watched a lot of tutorials and as far as I understand, to make onion skin work I have to 1. Create blank frame, 2. Press that light bulb icon and that’s it. But for some reason, onion skin works only when I press create blank frame on every single frame. Do I need to create blank frame every time I enter a new frame?
P.S. I hope I made my problem clear and sorry for the shitty English as it’s not my first language :upside_down_face:

You should probably make a new layer first, it sounds as if you were working on the Background layer. It’s a tiny bit different from other layers.

No, I’m not working on the background layer

Some small and simple thing has not been done correctly.
Please post a full screen screenshot (.png) with the Layers docker and the Timeline docker visible.

Looking around the edges of your screenshot, you seem to have a krita window on top of another krita window.
It is possible to use krita in that way for separate documents and that may be how you like to do things.

Looking at your Timeline, you have an animated layer but you don’t have any content on it. You haven’t drawn anything.

The onion skins show a representation of the content on the previous and next frames content. You don’t have previous and next frame content.
You don’t have any content.

So, you need to start drawing/painting something on the frames before you’ll have any onion skins to see.

To create a new frame, you do have to use right-click Create Blank Frame but if you have Auto Frame Mode (on) set in the Animation docker, it will create a new frame when you start drawing on an empty frame.
It looks like you need the Animation docker to be turned on.

thank you for your reply)
For some reason, the Auto Frame mode doesn’t work. Onion skin shows the content of the previous and next frames only when I create blank frame on every frame. Otherwise, (even with the auto frame mode on) one frame just continues the previous one.

You don’t have the Animation docker available (according to your screenshot) so how do you know if Auto Frame Mode is on or off?

Something I forgot is that when Auto Frame Mode is on, when it creates a new frame as soon as you start to draw, it copies the contents of the previous frame into it. This is very convenient for people who want to make the next frame by making modifications to the contents of the previous frame.
If you don’t want that, you need to select the new frame, press the Delete key and then start drawing in it. If you forget to do that, you get previous frame content in it.

To avoid all that, I prefer to create a blank frame each time by pressing F7.
If I do want duplicated content in the new frame, I use Create Duplicate Frame which I’ve mapped to the F8 key as a shortcut.

Here is a screenshot showing onion skins:

The onion skins docker is used to adjust the number of visible onion skins and their appearance. After you’ve used it for that, it just takes up space so you may as well close it.

Alright, thank you so much) I think it all starts to make sense now

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