"overlay" brush mode for RGBA brushtips?

I think there was a similar idea discussed quite some time ago, but it seemed like a long and meandering thread so I thought I’d bring this up separately again.

RGBA brushes are really nice, I’ve been using them in a variety of ways lately. One thing that I’ve noticed though is that in some cases, the ‘lightness map’ blending mode is not great, since it desaturates the overall colour of the stroke. I generally try to create RGBA brushes that are “neutral” in terms of value and preferably colour output, so if I pick a colour off canvas I can paint roughly that same colour just with more texture.

Here’s the current output on the right and an example of what I’d like to get on the left:

The strokes on the left are just BW strokes on a layer set to “overlay” over the green spot. So I think the same result could be achieved if a new compositing mode were added to RGBA brushtips - namely “overlay”.

Is that feasible?

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