Paint and Blend - An Attempt at recreation of "Paint and Blend" MyPaint Brush

MyPaint had this brush “Paint and Blend” which I found pretty cool. So I tried to recreate the Brush, credits to David Revoy (@Deevad) because I modified his brush “Wet Paint Plus” instead of starting from scratch.

I would very much like feedback on the brush :slight_smile:

The line-art, shading and pretty much for everything this brush was used (With Basic smudge).

Ps. To import the brush, copy/cut it, go to settings < manage resources < open resource folder

Open the folder painttoppresets

and paste the .kpp file


Hi @APoeticHeart - Dropbox downloads are more convenient if you edit the link to change the ending from ‘-dl=0’ to ‘-dl=1’, like this:

I’s not as pretty but it’s direct and fast :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s pretty direct and helpful. Quite preferable.

Hey @APoeticHeart , good job at reviving this old brush. :+1:

Thank you, it’s a real inspiration coming from you :slight_smile:

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Great job with the brush

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