PAINTING EXERCISE 1: Step-by-Step tutorial on how to paint (Beginner's level)

Hello everyone. Thanks to all your replies from last week’s video, I am now able to better understand your needs.
We are going to start with this simple exercise. I call this sculpt painting… If this is the wrong English term, please let me know. Thank you! :blush:
As the weeks pass, the exercises will get more challenging.
So, that said, I really hope this first tutorial is going to be simple enough to get you all started.

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Showing you how to add the FLOW brush slider
02:16 We will paint using the Bristles_hairy brush
02:56 Let’s start painting
06:43 Clipping mask (Showing you how to use it)
10:38 Blending colors
11:16 Adding “effects”: highlights, shadows, and shine
14:22 Conclusion
14:47 Showing you the Lizard I painted using only one brush (the same one we have been using in today’s exercise - Bristles_hairy)