PAINTING EXERCISE # 3: Step-by-step tutorial on how to paint a line art project

Hello everyone and welcome back.

Today, we are going to paint a line art project.
Studies have found that coloring pictures are very soothing and relaxing. So, imagine that your Krita’s canvas is a coloring book and that your stylus is a crayon. No shortcuts, no fancy digital tricks or techniques to speed things up. Just you, painting one stroke at a time.

Now, please know that I had to speed up some parts of the video because, let’s be realistic, you don’t want to watch me color for hours. LOL.

Here is the link to my website if you want to download the PNG file of the picture I created.

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Archive your pencil sketches
01:51 Set up your layers in advance
02:38 Start by painting the base colors
05:17 Continue coloring using clipping masks
08:47 Ten steps slide (take a screenshot if you want)
09:03 SPEED PAINT!!! See how easy it was to color the lion using the 10 steps.
12:21 Use CTRL + U to get the HSV/HSL adjustment filter and change the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness of your initial colors
13:25 Add more details if you want (conclusion)
13:42 We are done!

Have a great week. Cheers.