Painting realistic smoke

Hi, I would like to paint realistic smoke in krita. I have found this web page: [solve]How do you make this texture? - Real Time VFX
that says to use the particle engine. Under the particle engine the only brush available is Experimental webs, I would like to use a brush similar to it but with blended strokes because Experimental Webs behaves fine except that is made by several lines. I have tried to use the airbrush but it ended in several colored dots (similar to pointillism). Can you help me?
Thanks in advance

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Here are the settings I used to make it work somewhat. Decreasing the iterations and increasing particles helps, but you still sometimes notice the steps, so you could just create a filter layer/mask and blur the sections that have clear steps in them. Or you could also use a smudge/transform brush to blur certain sections.

Alternatively you could just paint the smoke.
I did this with a simple round brush in this painting:


It works perfectly. Thank you very much!!!

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