PAINTING SKIN DIGITALLY, PART II | How to add Highlights and Shadows (step-by-step tutorial)

This is part two of how to paint skin. Today, I am showing a simple way to add highlights and shadows. Please know that this is one way of doing things.
I understand that other artists use different tricks and techniques.
What I am showing you is easy to do and replicate. I hope you like it.
Make sure to check out the two extra tips at the end.

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Getting ready
00:28 Let’s get started (creating layers + changing blending modes: Overlay & Multiply)
01:08 Adding shadows
02:34 Adding Highlights
03:24 Tip # 1 Tuning your layer’s opacity
03:52 Tip # 2 Tuning your hue, saturation & lightness (CTRL + U)
04:43 Comparing images without versus with highlights and shadows.

Give it a try and let me know if this technique was simple to follow.
Thanks for watching.
Have a great week and see you next Monday.


Nice tutorial! And the narration is really good. Well articulated. :slight_smile:

I am glad you liked the little tutorial. Thank you. I appreciate.