Commission for erilboni94. Painted with my own custom Krita brushes


That’s awesome! i love the colors!

Phuuhh what an amazing work. Superb!

Wow, that is incredibly beautiful! I love the colors and the softness you’ve created here! What a breathtaking portrait!

Wow, you are a master with felines.really well done. I would like to see at least a preview of those brushes. Is possible?

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Thank you so much!

Saw your nickname and I thought “why does it feel like I know him ?”
then I remembered I follow this —>

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haha yep, that’s me!

Amazing colors omg

Most excellent - a very enjoyable painting!

Amazing I like this cat :slight_smile:

Low key tho it looks like my cat :rofl:

WOW! SOOO good! It’s super realistic! Awesome job!

Wow, you’re so good!

Wow, this looks like it could really be the cover of a Warrior Cats book! You really have a great way with pulling all of the cat’s features together, especially with the eyes. It also looks like a painting! You chose a purrfect color scheme! :laughing: Sorry, sorry, that’s a really old joke. Anyway, I really like your artwork!

Wow, how you make that? It looks so real! :exploding_head: