Paste into active layer crash?

Does anyone know if there there is a known bug with “paste into active layer” I’ve tried this a few times and it seems to be crashing Krita.

this is 5.1.3 on Windows 10


Maybe related to:


It could be related to the “paste_into” crash in that thread.

There’s also a bug report for, more specifically, pasting a layer with a blending mode into the active layer: 462069 – Crash when pasting composited layer into active layer
It seemed to work fine with a “Normal” layer.

thanks @Grum999 @freyalupen

After a little research, I found the crash log and can repro with a new doc, no filters, etc. Background layer + transparent layer. I’ll get an account set up to report the bug as it doesn’t seem to match anything existing.

Error occurred on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 20:56:26.

krita.exe caused an Access Violation at location 00007FFECC5E8897 in module libkritaimage.dll Reading from location 0000000000000020.

AddrPC           Params
00007FFECC5E8897 0000000000000000 0000000000000028 0000007F2E6FB188  libkritaimage.dll!KisPaintDevice::makeFullCopyFrom+0x87
00007FFECC5E87CD 0000007F2E6FB1E8 00007FFECB36A0C2 00000000000005FF  libkritaimage.dll!KisPaintDevice::KisPaintDevice+0x6d
00007FFECD9F0566 000001A622B59630 00007FFECB9BCC9F 000001A6644F0000  libkritaui.dll!KisPasteIntoActionFactory::run+0x106
00007FFECD7DAF04 0000007F2E6FB23F 000001A674BDCCB0 000001A674BDCCB0  libkritaui.dll!KisSelectionManager::pasteInto+0x84
00007FFECB340868 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 000001A67469A810  Qt5Core.dll!QMetaObject::activate+0x828

after a little searching, i didn’t see anything that really seemed to match, so i opened a new bug:


@kynlo Can you try the latest Nightly or Stable build and see if the bug is still present? There was a patch yesterday that fixed bug 462069.

Sure - i checked both
krita-nightly-x64-5.1.3-6e7d3ee463 and krita-nightly-x64-5.2.0-prealpha-6c2a2709ba and see the crash.