Pen keeps losing contact to canvas

Type of device* : Huion
Brand and version of the device: Huion Kamvas Pro 20
Windows 10
Krita Version 4.4.2

Hi. I have a weird issue with my new Huion Kamvas Pro 20 and Krita and hope someone can help. My pen is actually working just fine, I don’t have any issues with the pressure sensitivity.


The pen stops drawing on the canvas after the distance between the display and the pen gets bigger, which is normal. Periodically (like every 10 minutes), after I put the pen back to the canvas, the pen isn’t able to draw and the keys on the pen aren’t working anymore, but I can still press the buttons of the toolbar with the pen.

It seems like the canvas isn’t reacting to the pen,not krita in generell. To solve the problem, I have to klick at the brush (or any other) button in the toolbar and the pen is working again.

In the beginning, I thought it is a performance issue, but it’s not. I have installed the newest version of the driver and windows ink isn’t activated.

I hope someone can help. I didn’t find a solution in the internet or in this forum so far.

Thank you for the effort!

I’ll contact Huion and ask them about this. It must be a driver issue.

I had this issue with a Huion Kamvas pro 22. I don’t use it any more, but IIRC disabling my secondary monitor fixed it. If you have dual monitors, can you test that to confirm?

it only happens in Krita and only on the canvas itself, i can use the pen on anything that is NOT the canvas (i.e. the “paper” i draw on) every toolbar and every button still reacts to the pen but the Canvas itself.

Since the Problem is isolated to Krita and gets solved everytime i close and reopen Krita i highly doubt its the driver or the Hardware.

Also i am using a Laptop and the Tablet IS the second Monitor so i could only switch to cloning the first display.

Are you sure you can’t disable the laptop monitor in display settings? I’m not saying it is a solution, but if that makes the problem go away, that’s probably relevant info for anyone trying to fix this bug.

It’s still the driver, and not Krita. Sorry, but ten years of handling complaints about issues with tablets have shown me that it is always the driver. Even if other applications don’t show the problem: that is completely and utterlhy irrelevant. Tablet drivers actually keep per-application contexts, so it is entirely possible the driver works with one application and not with a another application.

Hi. I asked a friend and he told me to change the renderer to something else (was d3d now is openGL) and so far it workes without issues. Well see… thank you for your ideas :slight_smile:

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