Pen Pressure is not working AT ALL

Type of device: Graphics Tablet
Brand and version of the device: XP Pen Deco 01 V2
System: Windows 10

Description of the issue:
Hi !! So basically, my pen pressure is not working at all.

I’ve tried everything, the Windows Ink switch to Windows 8+ Pointer Tool (and I restarted Krita), I enabled the Configure Toolbars > Pen Pressure thing, the button is even ON right now but it won’t do anything.

I’ve even changed drawing tablets (from a Huion 420 to an XP Pen Deco 01 V2) and pen pressure worked on both of the testy-scratchpad thingies. The pen pressure worked on my school computer, the pressure worked there in Photoshop too (the school computer is a Mac).

I’ve tried playing with the Windows Ink settings on my Windows 10, but nothing at all. There was one rare moment like two years ago that pen pressure suddenly worked, but it was with my old tablet, and immediately I went to my tablet settings and pressed “OK” it went away.

I haven’t pressed the Windows Ink button for my tablet settings because for some reason it won’t let me, so that’s that. Also, I’ve tried everything I could see on the internet, such as the checking on the brush settings (where Flow and Opacity is) and it still does nothing!! I’m absolutely hopeless :frowning:

To other supporters: this is a repost from reddit -

As was suggested by @tiar in the reddit post, it sounds like you need to reinstall the tablet drivers, ideally after getting the latest updates from the tablet maker’s website.

When you changed drawing tablets did you make sure to uninstall the Huion driver before you installed the XP Pen driver? That is important. Also do a full PC shutdown/restart after every uninstallation and reinstallation with the tablet disconnected from the PC.

By ‘testy-scratchpad thingies’, I assume you mean the tablet tester utilities. Does your tablet driver config/setup utility show correct pen pressure variation from 0% to 100% pressure?
Does the krita tablet tester show 0% to 100% pen pressure variation? (I doubt that it does because that would mean that the brushes worked as they should.)

There’s no need to make adjustments to the brush settings in the editor because the default Basic_2 Opacity brush can show you if you have pressure signals coming from the pen/tablet. If that doesn’t work, krita is not getting pressure signals.
The tablet tester: Settings -> Configure Krita -> Tablet settings -> Open Tablet Tester will show you if there are pressure inputs, in the range P=0.0% to P=100.0%.

After a fresh installation, the Pen Pressure is enabled/on but now that you’ve put the Pen Pressure control icon on the Toolbar then obviously you need to make sure it’s ‘on’, which you seem to have done.

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Yes, I made sure of that. The old driver is completely gone from the computer and I restarted the computer.

Yeah, the pen pressure works perfectly accurately. Shows me the whole meter from 0 to 100 and my pen pressing down translates exactly/

I’ve tried drawing lines there, and apparently there are supposed to be both a red and blue line? I only see a red line when I draw it there.

If you get a red line when you draw on the tablet tester grid area, that means you’re drawing with a mouse (or what is interpreted as a mouse).
It probably says Mouse Press, Mouse Move Mouse Release with X, Y and B values in the area to the right of the drawing grid.

With a graphics tablet, you’re supposed to get a blue line with Stylus Press, Stylus Move, Stylus Release with X, Y, B and P(pressure) values.

Krita thinks that you’re using a mouse, for some reason.

It very much seems like the reason is the exact details of your Windows settings and your graphics tablet settings.

That may have a bearing on the situation but I don’t know.

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Oh yes, it does do that!! It says Mouse Press and everything, but do you know why?
Also, do you know how I could fix that? Maybe that’s part of the problem. Might this be the reason I don’t have any pen pressure?

Also, might I add that every time I opened my computer and used that tablet that it would kinda malfunction? Like the tablet settings would go back to default and the cursor would be a small star until I went to the settings manually and only pressed “OK” (I didn’t even need to press Apply or anything)

Open the tablet drivers, and check if Windows Ink is enabled or disabled in the bottom left corner.
Then open krita Settings>Configure Krita>Tablet Sttings and there either check or uncheck Windows Ink.

It doesn’t matter whether you enable or disable Win Ink, what matters is that the settings are matching.

If that doesn’t help the issue might be that you didn’t completely purge the Huion drivers from your system. You might need to uninstall them completely, Xp drivers too for a good measure and then install only the Xp drivers.

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This is an indication that krita is not seeing a pen ‘talking’ to it, it is seeing what looks like a mouse ‘talking’ to it.

You have a pen/driver problem.
The suggestion by @Cpt-Katawa above is all you can try.